Celldweller Lyrics

Celldweller – the concept born from experiences of personal
and cultural bondage along with the creator’s near 24-7
dwelling in his former basement studio. Klayton, the man
behind the machine, originally created the moniker as a
producer pseudonym. However, after retiring his previous
band, the 90’s cult industrial act Circle of Dust, he
adopted Celldweller as his defining outlet.

The Music

Developed as an agent of contrast the New York based
Celldweller combines the electronic and the organic,
darkness and beauty, aggression against sensuality, with
the ability to More...

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Review about Celldweller songs
Finally: someone with the correct lyrics! | Reviewer: Tantien
    ------ About the song Unlikely (Stay With Me) performed by Celldweller

There are many Lyrics for this song, but this is the only one for the actual "Unlikely (Stay With Me)". The others are actually for "Stay With Me (Unlikely)".

I know; confusing. But this is actually a great song that says "Stay" but also says "Go" (with all the Please Don't Please Don't Please Don'ts) at the same time. Love Celldweller.

I love it :D | Reviewer: Lila
    ------ About the song Gift For You performed by Celldweller

I can't help but think of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Those who are familiar with her work will know exactly what I'm talking about. "The Dark Gift". I get lost in this song and eventually end up picking up one of her books to re-read them.

Waht's inside? | Reviewer: Hawk
    ------ About the song The Lucky One performed by Celldweller

I think this is very cynical and crytical song about society, concerning human stupidity and our fatal desire for luck/happiness.
If you try to be more than this, you will have nothing but "the jokes on you", you'll just get attention like a comedian, but attention makes you a "lucky one",even if no one cares about the things you really wanted to express.
Just listened to it for the first time, so this is just a first impression. However, already had some fun with these lyrics...

Addictive | Reviewer: Shadow Merseger
    ------ About the song The Last Firstborn performed by Celldweller

I have listened to this song multiple times a week for a few months now, and it never gets old. It's the most addictive techno-y metal song I've ever known (and this coming from someone who's never liked either genre much), it's up-beat, intense, and the depth is astounding. All-around a good listen. I love this song, and reccomend it to anyone who has an open mind, or broad taste when it comes to music -- because this is a peice you'll never forget. Celldweller has definately gained a new fan.

Love Song | Reviewer: Andre Jantz
    ------ About the song So Sorry To Say performed by Celldweller

This song can be about two separate situations (or both at the same time). It could be about a person talking to someone significant in his life. Maybe they have had troubles and he is torn about whether he should stay or leave because he both loves her and is repelled by her. This confusion sets him into a horrible mode of limbo asking himself "I cannot see how this happened to me".
Or it could be about someone who fell in love with another, but the situations surrounding his life suggest that he not pursue it further. Maybe this person is already in a relationship... or maybe the person he is falling in love with is abusive.... OR she is somewhere in another country and it is too difficult to collaborate their lives together.

Powerfully uplifting | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Birthright performed by Celldweller

I absolutely love Celldweller and Klayton and this is definitely one of my favorite songs(if not number one). This is such a powerful, epic, amazing, beautifully empowering transcendent song. For me it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, be anything, win any battle(of the mind, spirit, or pyshical), or even win a bloody war singlehandedly! Klayton is without any doubt one of the greatest most original and innovative musicians of our lifetime. Celldweller is just so damn amazing, beautifully original, and epically powerful! I always have my alarm set to wake me up with this song in particular because it's just the best way to start one's day. Celldweller and Klayton forever!

Pure Genious | Reviewer: Ace
    ------ About the song The Last Firstborn performed by Celldweller

It's very difficult to produce a song that is so long and so many complicated beats. The way it is structured builds and builds getting more intense every chorus. One of the only songs that i have found that I can listen to all day and night and notice a new beat or a new form of story that the music is playing.
Brilliant work Klayton!

This song | Reviewer: x Tragedy
    ------ About the song Tragedy performed by Celldweller

This song really wouldn't be a hit without the original version of the song. And besides this version is better becuase its using a drum and bass type beat.around the 1970's it was all about the keyboard drums and guitar. I'd give it up to the Bee Gee's for making this song.

The Most Kick Ass Artist That I've Heard In A While! | Reviewer: Aaron Grace
    ------ About the song Switchback performed by Celldweller

All I got to say is this artist, Celldweller is an awesome musician! This song "switchback" totally rocks. I got hip to this artist, when NBC was airing their former hit show "The Bionic Woman". Celldweller was hired on by NBC to be an exclusive music artist for the show. Much like Jan Hammer was to Miami Vice in the 1980's. When Celldweller music came on, you know Jamie Sommers was either fighting her way out of trouble, kicking some serious ass, or dealing with something action packed. They used his music flawlessly! This guy gets two thumbs way up!

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One Good Reason performed by Celldweller

This song is just mind-blowing! Lyrics are deep, music is great...the mix between industrial with electro and metal is just awesome! I love Celldweller for being original in a world where everything is copied.

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