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Singer. Born March 30, 1968, in Charlemagne, Quebec,
Canada. The youngest of 14 children of Adhemar and Therese
Dion, she grew up in a close-knit musical family. Her
parents formed a singing group, Dion's Family, which toured
Canada when Celine was still an infant. They later opened a
piano bar, where the five-year-old Celine would perform to
the delight of customers.

At the age of 12, Dion recorded a demo tape of a song she
had written with her mother. They sent the tape to the
manager and producer Rene Angelil, who handled the More...

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Review about Celine Dion songs
its all coming back to me now | Reviewer: glaiza rumbaoa
    ------ About the song Dreaming Of You performed by Celine Dion

Hi ms.celine???i want u to know that i realy love ol ur musics....espe.the its all coming back.....while i heard that song...i am so sad and crying...bec.all the past that i hve before..its all coming back....i love it..and also u???

let talk about love is a good title for it is good to love one an each other will shall always talk about love | Reviewer: sakariyawu Fatima
    ------ About the song Let's Talk About Love performed by Celine Dion

Love goes on when ever will need it love is a heart which must not go very far away from all human being it as being talented to all human beings from havens an know one can ever seprate

"I will stand for my dream if I can..symbol of my Faith in who I am" | Reviewer: Pontsho Rampooana
    ------ About the song Immortality performed by Celine Dion

Ohh, what can I say about this song? Wow, some people has such a way with words! I just think of my Mom when this song is playing, how she would've done anything for us her children! Her only concern for us before she passed was how we were gonna go on in life now that she was not gonna be there! But, by God's Grace, we're making it! Yes Mom, "we don't say goodbye"! We are fulfilling our destinys that are in us your Children!

Celine talked to some of her french fans at the Stade de France in Paris, France about some of her songs on her Let's Talk About Love tour back in June of 1999. She was thirty one years old. | Reviewer: Alyssa
    ------ About the song Words Spoken Between The Songs performed by Celine Dion

Celine talked to some of her French fans at the Stade de France in Paris, France about some of her songs back in June of 1999. She was thirty one years old. It's almost sixteen years from now. It was right before she headed to the studio to work on her complication album called 'All The Way... A Decade of Song' back in the summer of 1999. When her fourth live album and her fifth live video album Au Coeur de Stade was released in Canada in August of 1999.

My daddy | Reviewer: LM
    ------ About the song Dance With My Father performed by Celine Dion

My daddy is moving out..
I miss him, even though he hasn't found a new house yet.
I spent years angry that he didn't spend enough time with me.
My parents spent the last 5-6 years fighting with each other.
I wanted them to divorce.
But now it makes me sad.
I miss my daddy..

simply touched! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Because You Loved Me performed by Celine Dion

dis song of hers is one ofnd best. Big splashes of tears fell since I began missin my mom... I live alone, studying... Beautiful lyrics, with just d right composition, a soothing yet thanking one...!!
Luv it...

Jonalyn Baga | Reviewer: Jonalyn Baga
    ------ About the song That's The Way It Is performed by Celine Dion

Dear Celine Dion you have a got amazing voice, you are talented and best singer, you arare blessed from God. All your songs I really love it, how I wish I want to be like you. I like your movements while you are singing... I love the THAT'S THE WAY IT IS. inspiring song. You are my hero help me to be strong for all struggle in life. I love you forever..

True | Reviewer: Jiji
    ------ About the song I Hate You Then I Love You performed by Celine Dion

This feeling of love and hatered at the same time is very painful and confusing. It makes you feel like you don't know yourself, or like you are divided into two persons. It hurts your partner because he can't understand you. It can make you loose the one you care for, and ruin everything you two had built together.

i miss my papa | Reviewer: aigy
    ------ About the song Dance With My Father performed by Celine Dion

so da best ..when i heard this song .. i remember my father who passed away this december 29, 2013 .. i really miss him -- if i could bring back the time that we are together happy with mama and kuya .. i will be glad and i will treasure that precious moment with you papa AGAIN i really2x miss you .. you were ALWAYS in our HEARTS .. FAREWELL PAPA may your soul be at peace WE LOVE YOU <3
you will never be replaced in our HEARTS ...
from your loving daugther,
aigy psyche sidney...

her all songs make me cry.i luv cilene dion may god bls u | Reviewer: eleckses coetzee
    ------ About the song Because You Loved Me performed by Celine Dion

my bf is allways thr 4m true de dadtime ad de goodtimes.ad i prms him dat i allso be thr 4 him.sm people thy are jls of othr people life.ad thy allways love hppyendings.i wish thy would lsn de words tht cms frm cilene dion.2014 is hr without madiba we all love u may he be r.i.p

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