Celine Dion Albums

  • Loved Me Back to Life Album (11/1/2013)
    Loved Me Back To Life
    Somebody Loves Somebody
    Unfinished Songs
    Water And A Flame
    Save Your Soul
    Didn't Know Love
    At Seventeen

  • Sans attendre Album (11/2/2012)
    Les Petits Pieds De Lea
    Le Miracle
    Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?
    L'amour Peut Prendre Froid
    Une Chance Qu'on S'a
    La Mer Et L'enfant
    Moi Quand Je Pleure
    Celle Qui M'a Tout Appris
    Je N'ai Pas Besoin D'amour
    Si Je N'ai Rien De Toi
    Que Toi Au Monde
    Tant De Temps
    Les Petits Pieds De Lea
    Bonus Tracks
    Ne Me Quitte Pas
    Les Jours Comme Ca

  • Taking Chances Album (11/13/2007)
    Taking Chances
    Eyes On Me
    My Love
    Shadow Of Love
    Surprise Surprise
    This Time
    New Dawn
    A Song For You
    A World To Believe In
    Can't Fight The Feelin'
    I Got Nothin' Left
    Right Next To The Right One
    Fade Away
    That's Just The Woman In Me
    Skies Of L.A.
    Map To My Heart

  • D'elles Album (5/24/2007)
    Et S'il N'en Restait Qu'une (Je Serais Celle-La)
    A Cause
    Je Cherche L'ombre
    Les Paradis
    La Diva/La Boheme
    Femme Comme Chacune
    Si J'étais Quelqu'un
    Je Ne Suis Pas Celle
    Le Temps Qui Compte
    Lettre de George Sand à Alfred de Musset
    On S'est Aime A Cause

  • Miracle Album (10/12/2004)
  • 1 Fille & 4 Types Album (11/4/2003)
  • One Heart Album (3/23/2003)
  • A New Day Has Come Album (3/25/2002)
  • Au Coeur Du Stade Album (11/16/1999)
  • All the Way: A Decade of Song Album (11/16/1999)
  • These Are Special Times Album (11/3/1998)
  • S'il Suffisait D'aimer Album (10/13/1998)
  • D'Eux Album (9/15/1998)
  • Gold, Vol. 1 Album (9/8/1998)
  • Let's Talk About Love Album (11/18/1997)
  • C'est Pour Vivre Album (2/17/1997)
  • The Collection 1982-1988 Album (1/1/1997)
  • Live in Paris Album (9/1/1996)
  • Falling Into You Album (3/12/1996)
  • French Album Album (10/1/1995)
  • Incognito Album (8/29/1995)
  • Celine Dion Gold / For you Album (1/1/1995)
  • Gold, Vol. 2 Album (1/1/1995)
  • Dion Chante Plamondon Album (5/31/1994)
  • Celine Dion à l'Olympia Album (1/1/1994)
  • Colour Of My Love Album (11/9/1993)
  • Les Premières Années Album (9/1/1993)
  • Celine Dion Album (3/31/1992)
  • Unison Album (8/21/1990)
  • The best of / Vivre Album (1/1/1988)
  • Celine Dion En Concert Album (9/1/1985)
  • C'est Pour Toi Album (9/1/1985)
  • Les Plus Grands Succès Album (9/1/1984)
  • Mélanie Album (9/1/1984)
  • Les Oiseaux Du Bonheur Album (9/1/1984)
  • Chants Et Contes De Noël Album (9/1/1983)
  • Du Soleil Au Coeur Album (9/1/1983)
  • Les Chemins De Ma Maison Album (9/1/1983)
  • Tellement J'ai D'amour Pour Toi Album (9/1/1982)
  • Céline Dion Chante Noël Album (9/1/1981)
  • La voix du Bon Dieu Album (9/1/1981)

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    Reviews about Celine Dion albums
        ------ About the album Tellement J'ai D'amour Pour Toi performed by Celine Dion

    Do you know that Celine Dion released her second French album in September of 1982. She was fourteen years old. She performed 'Tellement J'ai D'amour Pour Toi' at the Yamaha Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan at the end of October of 1982 and she also performed 'D'amour Ou D'amitie' at the Champs-Elysses' in Paris, France at the end of January of 1983.

        ------ About the album Céline Dion Chante Noël performed by Celine Dion

    Do you know that Celine Dion was released her first Christmas album in French in December of 1981. She was thirteen years old. She performed 'Glory Alleluia' on the French-language television show in Quebec in November of 1981.

        ------ About the album One Heart performed by Celine Dion

    Celine dion is the only famous artist that i want to go futher with her music.every album make me mad,the way it sound.1colour of my love,just walk away,next plane out of sight,no living without loving you(this song shows something what CD has experience in lifetime.i wasn't known things like this in my life.so celine dion did the best for me and my family as well as my girlfriend.i wish celine dion can play a hot song about teenagers in facing quide line.i just want to thank all the best that celina has done to improve my standards of living.im a child of limpopo in South Africa.(the power of the dream).

    Celine Dion was thirteen years old and she released her first french album in November of 1981 | Reviewer: Alyssa
        ------ About the album La voix du Bon Dieu performed by Celine Dion

    Do you know that Celine Dion released her first French album in November of 1981. She was thirteen years old and she released her first French song called 'Ce N'etait Qu'un Reve' in June of 1981. She made her first television appearance in Montreal called The Michel Jasmin Show and she performed her first French song on TVA.

    Superb....... | Reviewer: Loveth
        ------ About the album One Heart performed by Celine Dion

    I love celine dion album,(one heart)...I just can't do without it. I love the lyrics, i love all the music in the album....I got the CD album for myself but lost it...Do u know what, i had to go get another, honestly, the music interesting and lovely....Sure it's a soul music.....

        ------ About the album Unison performed by Celine Dion

    This was Celine's first album in Inglish. Jay Leno gave her a helping hand beeing the first one to presente her to the americans.
    Where Does My Heart Beat Now was the chosen song to start the future international carrear of Celine Dion. Some how in 1988 René menaged to put her sing this song at the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest that she had won the year before.
    The album was olny realesed in 1990.
    I think that as the firt album in inglish its a good one.
    It shows that Celine can sing any kinde of songs. Like in all Celine albuns the songs are all diferente. They all talk abaut love, of course, some are balads, others are rocky, and some have some rythem.
    I like it in general, but i have my favorites: Unisson, Have A Heart, If We Could Start Over, I'm Loving Every Moment With You, Love By Another Name, If Love Is Out The Question,(If There Was) Any Other Way.
    But you should listen old songs from Celine when she was 13, 14, 15, etc. You will simply fall in love with her voice. Its umbelivebel.
    Listem the Incognito album for instance, it has wonderful songs: incognito, jours de fiévre, délivre-me moi, lolita, partout je te vois, etc.

    PS: Sorry for my mistakes and bad grammer.I'm a portuguese girl that likes inglish and discovered Celine Dion almost 2 years ago and surrender to her voice, funny ways and "farry talle" life.

    Celine delivers again! | Reviewer: kevin
        ------ About the album D'elles performed by Celine Dion

    D'elles reminds me why I love celine dion
    My favorites include the uplifting "immensite",the poetic "On s'est aimé à cause" , the lively "femme comme chacune"and the catchy "les temps qui comptes"
    "La berceuse" is a slow sweetly dolorous song that mostly hardcore celine fans like mysef would relish,the france flavoured "je serais celle la"
    Other good songs incclude the sad almost gloomy "je cherche l'ombre"
    Celines voice is magnificent and her humanity and talent shines thru the album

    la diva | Reviewer: reza
        ------ About the album D'elles performed by Celine Dion

    hi every body
    why no one care about LA DIVA/LA BOHEME lyric
    some one send or help this beautiful lyric beautiful sing beautiful albom beautiful singer

    reza love you celine

    celine dion | Reviewer: amy
        ------ About the album These Are Special Times performed by Celine Dion

    hiiiiiii i think this cd and all deline dions cd are great the best ever songs i have listend to :D


    amy bakhda

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