Cece Winans Lyrics

"Throne Room"

Welcome to the Throne Room Welcome to the place where it all got started Bow down

It’s virtually impossible to talk about CeCe Winans without
acknowledging her artistic influence on an entire musical
genre and the groundbreaking achievements she’s
accomplished over the past two decades. Blessed with one of
the music industry’s greatest voices, CeCe has crossed all
stylistic, social and age barriers with her inspirational
delivery and powerful music.

CeCe’s personality, inviting warmth and genuine love More...

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Review about Cece Winans songs
awakening the youth | Reviewer: Thoriso Stamier
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Cece Winans

This song should awaken all the youth out there for the do things that aren't right and think tomorrow would be a day for correction...we should repent now so that when tomorrow never comes we would have made things clear and we would be good in the eyes of the Lord

THANKS | Reviewer: Jessie Ndjeya
    ------ About the song Mercy Said No performed by Cece Winans

Thank you so much. I love this song. It gives me hope and strength to continue loving God and clinging to Him despise the trials I face. Thanks Cece, may God bless you.

    ------ About the song Mercy Said No performed by Cece Winans

I was just a child when i felt the savior leading. I was drawn to what i could not understand , but mercy held me close and refused to let me go.NOW heaven looks at me through the blood of jesus ,now my past became a histroy

what mercy can do | Reviewer: babalola abiodun
    ------ About the song Mercy Said No performed by Cece Winans

we all deserve to die through the inheritance of the adamic nature but mercy that came through the second Adam said no we are created by God to fulfill destiny and this is all we need. thank God for his mercy on mankind

A song that confirms that life is shambles without Christ | Reviewer: Oladunjoye Oluwayemisi Prisca
    ------ About the song A Heart Like Yours performed by Cece Winans

A heart like Yours is a mirror that showcases the shambles of life without Christ. A song that thrills and makes me long for God. When I have a heart like Christ, then I wil be able to live for Him and populate His kingdom. Lord, just make me Yours. Thanks to madam Cece, more grace I pray for you

a heart like yours | Reviewer: queenesther
    ------ About the song A Heart Like Yours performed by Cece Winans

I love this song. Each time I listen to it, it melts my heart. It also makes me believe that there's a true God, who has a heart full of compassion, n always ready to forgive sins. Thanks to Cece

ba y of mine | Reviewer: Trisha Whisnant
    ------ About the song What A Child performed by Cece Winans

You can reach me at Goldielocks224@gmail.com. I am looking for this song about an infant on the p_c.dont know the name but I thought it was baby of mine. She sang it long time ago with lyrics that go like this,"I know God knew, baby of mine, that I'd see pieces of heaven in your eyes, only God could create you you, you'rere one of life's mysteries. Oh, you're so precious, I'm glad he gave you to me. It's easy to see, your wondrously made baby of mine.

He is more than beautiful | Reviewer: Robert Joy
    ------ About the song Jesus, You're Beautiful performed by Cece Winans

Jesus is more than beautiful, His love for us is beyond our imagination, I thank God for sending a man so beautiful and wonderful to come and redeemed us from our sins.Thank you Jesus, I love you.

    ------ About the song Mercy Said No performed by Cece Winans

This song is a direct message from God.The word "mercy"is a gift of the Holy spirit,given to us after the crusification of our lord Jesus christ on the cross.And it is only this gift (mercy)that give us the room to reconsen with God when go astray.what else can I say, His mercy is awesom. May God bless Cece winans d more.Bravoooo!

Mercy Saved you need it | Reviewer: florence david
    ------ About the song Mercy Said No performed by Cece Winans

I don't know were i would have been by now if not for mercy this song always remind me of giving thanks to God. cece you are Gods servant indeed more grace ot your able.

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