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We met in kindergarten and at the beginning of high school
started the band. Originally it was just three of us
(Jesse, Bone and Worobec). At the time, Slater was drumming
for another band. Then we decided we needed another guitar
player/backup vocalist, so we stole him! He had never
played guitar before, but he caught on very quickly. It was
important to us for the band to all be close friends rather
than being brought together by putting out an ad out for a
guitar player. Looking back, we are very happy with that
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Review about Cauterize songs
Perfect song for snowboarding | Reviewer: Mariah
    ------ About the song Choke performed by Cauterize

First time I heard this song I was playing the GameCube game 1040 Avalanche and it definitely got me pumped for snowboarding....well virtual snowboarding.Best song to ride to in real life too. Hope you all like.

Chokeee =] | Reviewer: Froze
    ------ About the song Choke performed by Cauterize

I love this song. So beautiful. :) and the lyrics are pretty powerful and pissy... It makes me think of someone struggling to forget about someone... Been there aha.

Great song and band [even though they broke up.. :( ]

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Killing Me performed by Cauterize

Heard this song on 1080 like 3 years ago or something and ever since then i have fallen in love with cauterize it is probably the greatest band i've ever heard and this is the best song in my opinion too bad they split up

Awesome | Reviewer: Shelby
    ------ About the song Porcelain performed by Cauterize

This song is very true.
Cauterize has amazing piano and guitar and drums and everything, their music can be really soothing or really harsh.
I love this song.

Amazing Song!! | Reviewer: Ayaan
    ------ About the song Something Beautiful performed by Cauterize

Gawd, I love this song! Thanks for the lyrics!! Cauterize rocks! Killing Me is one Awesome song as well! Well, thnks again!

how i heard this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Killing Me performed by Cauterize

i first heard this song on 1080 avelanche and i loved it

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