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Quarashi Catch 22 (DJ Muggs Remix) Lyrics

Last updated: 11/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

Now let me take you back man, to the fact, to the name of the game, I ran so fast I fell on my face again, but I didn't, I made it to the begin, now I'm mad to the head of my father's sin. And I feel I'm caught to the point of losing control and I appear as a bum on the street and all. The mad call, the miracle ball, you cant beat me you know you caught in the fall.

What's it gonna be in this, catch 22. What's it gonna be, come on. [x4]

Já, já, já, já. You got to get what I got, fill out your fucking name lame brain. My shit's the game will never be the same. Caught in a situation catch 22, nobody touch me when I'm down with my crew. So what you gonna be, punk, G-funk, better take your right turn or you're gonna get your ass dunked. Hunka-dorie, do what you can I'ma gonna pull down your pants and do the wam bam thank you ma'am.


We so true, in front of the catch 22. So what do I got, all the things I'm not, and I'm not you, but I know what you're thinking. In the long line of MC's, I represent the lost link. And I'm torn between the rap superstar, the rock superstar, that wants to get far. We're all pawns in this game of chess, we ain't moving man, we don't gotta confess.