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Steve Georgiou
BORN: July 21, 1947, London, England

My father was a Greek Cypriot and my mother was Swedish,
but for some reason they decided to send me to a Roman
Catholic school. I suppose that was the first anomaly of my
life. Born Steven Demetre Georgiou, I was brought up Greek
Orthodox, so didn't take part in the religious rituals at
school; you could say it meant I started out life as an

My family weren't at all strict, but they did want me to
have a good moral grounding - hence their reasons for
sending me to a Catholic school. I learned about good and
bad, and More...

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Review about Cat Stevens songs
junior school | Reviewer: bharat chauhan
    ------ About the song Morning Has Broken performed by Cat Stevens

We sang this at our school in Louise Mountbatten School in the choir and we loved it and the song has stayed with me for years lovely of my best songs

    ------ About the song Wild World performed by Cat Stevens

I'VE BEEN A MUSICIAN FOR THIRTY plus years and music is self expression his songs are beautiful and written by him for him not to evoke a conflict between people one hears and interprets what they personally neeD. From them at that time. STOP THE BACK AND FORTH AND LISTEN. TAKE WHAT WHAT YOU WILL FROM THEM. UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO HIM ABOUT THE MEANING OF THEM SHUT UP ANDLISTEN. THE MAN IS ABOUT WORLD PEACE. INNER PEACE. AND LOVE NOT CONFLICT!!!!!!!!!!

it is a wonder | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Where Do The Children Play? performed by Cat Stevens

It's a wonder how such a good poet and songwriter, who cared so mush for the planet we live on, has turned to islam. The only religion that leads merely on destruction and killing :(

beth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Miles From Nowhere performed by Cat Stevens

So lovely to hear this again. I spent the beginning of my 13th year in 1971 learning and listening to Cat Stevens as I opened my eyes to my world. He gave me such a gentle, tender view of a harsh, yet exhilarating world of the 70's; and for that I am forever grateful.

kimwik | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wild World performed by Cat Stevens

I love the song. I think maybe it was first love for them both. He grew , she grew and it didn't work out and she leaves. He will not know her as an adult but in his mind she will be the first love. He will remember how she was not who she becomes without him, I still picture my first love him as I knew him. He was seventeen and so was I. I am much older now but memories don't age. I think he was showing as much maturity as he coul, wished her well but maybe knowing she was naive wants her to be careful.

Legendary Song but Lyrics have "changed?" | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Sitting performed by Cat Stevens

This song had such a powerful influence on me as a teenager.... It validated the idea that we Hippies were on a journey to find ourselves and also the higher spiritual truth... a truth much higher than the institutional religions could offer...and armed with that truth we would revolutionise the entire planet..all to live at last in peace and harmony. Wow..... Yeah...and stick it to the man...

Some of us went full on "sex drugs, rock n roll" and others went full on spiritual.. "Peace Man"

Cat Stevens went full spiritual journey....way beyond the reaches of any religion..yet he was non judgemental towards all belief systems it seemed .it was just fantastic....

But now it appears, the Lyrics have been changed....

'Only for the God I see' is changed all over the internet to 'Only for the Light I see',

"Lowered, Lord, in my grave" to ""Lowered, Low, in my grave"

Seems like a politically correct attempt to cleanse out any reference to Christianity in his Lyrics.

Wow what a crazy world we live in now...who is doing this and why?

A joyous song! | Reviewer: Mary Derschan
    ------ About the song God is the Light performed by Cat Stevens

Fantistic song for teaching is Religious Education. I have used it with second grade First Communion Class for years. We sang and danced to the song. We have also had a dancing parade. The song really brings us the joyous mood for a class. God is the Light!
Thanks, Mary Derschan

Its definitely "The Good Book" | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song On The Road To Find Out performed by Cat Stevens

It has always sounded very clearly like "THE good book" for the last 35 years, and it still does. So who is changing the lyrics all over the internet and why?
It seems an attempt to deChristianise the song....maybe by Cat himself. Maybe he never intended an overtly "Christian" message, but a more general spiritual message? Maybe after converting to IsLam, he wanted to erase any possible Christian message from his songs: its also happened to another song "Sitting" where 'Only for the God I see' is changed all over the internet to 'Only for the light I see',
My guess is that when he spent a year in hospital and close to death with TB, he was thrust onto the spiritual path, as many of us were, through illness and tragedy.

In those days the world was not so anti-Christian as it is now, and I remember thinking at the time the Cat seemed to saying we should be open to all religious wisdom, including (even) Christianity.
We should remember those times, when the Hippies and the song writters emphasised "LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS" People were anti-institution; anti 'the man', but were pro Buddha Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus etc
I'd love to know what people think about this change to lyrics and why.

Tears every time | Reviewer: Marc their dad
    ------ About the song Father And Son performed by Cat Stevens

I have tears every time I hear this song. It is so realistic or a parent and child relationship.

Yesterday a dad committed suicide because of depression. Last week a son almost died in a car accident because of bad decisions.

Sad. I just the words to my son in hopes he reads it and understands where I come from when i speak to him. I don't expect him to not feel what he is feeling. I only hope he understands what we feel. Love those SOB of our kids don't we.

Yusef Cat Stevens performed this song last night... | Reviewer: peter parisius
    ------ About the song Father And Son performed by Cat Stevens

... in "Festival di Sanremo", an Italian song contest, where he was the star guest. He is still a wonderful singer, his voice still gives us all shivers. After two other songs in which he was accompanied by the orchestra, he remained alone on the prestigious Sanremo stage and begun to stroke the strings of his acoustic guitar. People reckoned the song immediately, and since the verse "It's not time to make a change" it was an unique emotion for the audience, an emotion which culminated in a standing ovation after that he sung the last words of the lyrics, "I know that I have to go away... I know I have to go".
Thank you Cat Stevens for having come to Italy.

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