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"An undoubted talent...her chocolatey, sublime vocals evoke
betrayal, heartache, and renewal more poetically than
clumsy words ever could." —Melody Maker

Cat Power is the nom de plume of Chan Marshall, good cop.
Her last record, Moon Pix, was released in September 1998
and was hailed 'round the world as a paragon of modern
songwriting. On The Covers Record, Chan applies her
remarkable interpretive skills to a wide variety of
influences, accompanying herself on only piano or guitar.
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Review about Cat Power songs
A Self Portrait | Reviewer: Joyful
    ------ About the song The Greatest performed by Cat Power

This song shares what many of us has endured at least once in our life...some more than others. There is a desire to be...The Greatest"...for some it can be... "the greatest"... love affair, success, etc. We start "a force to be reckoned with." Then comes the challenges or insecurities...and we allow it to chip away our confidence and as we forge ahead...not being able to gain ground...we start second guessing ourselves...which can bring depression. Sleep becomes our way to escape...but that only last for a moment. Because when awaken...we have to face...the problems...hurts, fears, etc...because they are still there. Many times we go running back into that haze called sleep...which empowers the situation of depression. If depression is not birth despair...and despair is... "The Greatest"... thief that steals and sometimes kill life...passion...dreams....

Favourite song ever | Reviewer: Karren
    ------ About the song Sea Of Love performed by Cat Power

I love this song song so much, I remember being in the veterinary clinic when my beautiful big dog was put down, I sang this to him the last time I ever saw him and every time I hear this song I end up in tears, it's such a beautiful song and I love it to me death.

A heart broken girl in the sea of love | Reviewer: jennifer sea
    ------ About the song Sea Of Love performed by Cat Power

This is a sweet calm and beautiful sing. When i heard it on Juno i went to go look it up right away. so happy i found it! Ive listened to it now about 500 times;). But it is the song i listened to when i had thoughts of breaking up with my boy friend. That and All Alone by Dave oDowa. You guys should listen to it. But even though it made me cry everytime, im just crazy over it!. So yea im heart broken, but ill find live again!!

TO: suicide of my daughter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Don't Blame You performed by Cat Power

I think the reason your daughter was playing the song over and over is because she felt that it applied to her, to her life. After reading your post I went back and read through the lyrics as I listened to the song over and over myself, and the more I did the more I could see how the song could apply to anyone. I think your daughter was really insightful and a sensitive soul. I am really sorry for your loss, and for what the world missed out on.

For me it's about Bob | Reviewer: eli
    ------ About the song I Don't Blame You performed by Cat Power

Probably I'm wrong, but I've always thought this song talks about Bob Dylan, because he's a complex person, who's not always a coherent person. I think when Chan says "I dont blame you" means "I understand you're not always right and coherent, I understand you bore to play your music in the same way all the time, I understand you're angry and sad sometimes". Maybe I'm wrong, but I think when Chan plays songs live so differently from their albums is for that, Bob Dylan also plays songs live very differently from their discs. I think this songs means I don't blame you that you get tired of your songs and being a rock star.

Cat of honer | Reviewer: Jaimeyn Newhartely
    ------ About the song American Flag performed by Cat Power

i need songs for 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 10 11 12 some sad and some happy to grab some reasone of why we selabrate what our men and wemen do. thanks, jasimeyn newhartely of briioe privat school

pffffff | Reviewer: refugee no whites in america pff racism toward an italian
    ------ About the song The werewolf song performed by Cat Power

no business for an italian ., pfff only A DEBT,, pfff go suicidal with those crazy ass jews nazi germany eurpoe shit yuou racists, to simple for having simple life and sex, you perverts usa

answering | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sea Of Love performed by Cat Power

The lyric "i knew you were my pet". Im pretty sure its supposed to mean, he follows her around like a puppy and he adores her like pets adore their owners. And if you own a pet, it obviously belongs to you, so i suppose shes also saying he belongs to her.

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Becca
    ------ About the song Sea Of Love performed by Cat Power

This song is so amazing. Everytime I hear it, it always makes em cry because it brings up so many emotions. Happy ones and sad ones. Mostly happy momories come up. :) Haha. Thanks for making this song! <3

Not quite making it | Reviewer: Molly
    ------ About the song The Greatest performed by Cat Power

I think this song is about failure. And not like 'glass half-empty' but just, accepting not quite making it. She wanted to be the best she could be, but she settles for just being good. She gives up trying to be "the greatest" and settles to just be good enough for someone else. A sacrifice? Or accepting things as they are. I think it's about waiting too. But she was defeated and now she's stagnate. .. Perhaps this is more negative analysis than is accurate..

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