Casting Crowns Lyrics

Casting Crowns began as a student worship band in Daytona
Beach, FL in 1999. After 2 years of serving at First
Baptist Daytona Beach, God called Mark Hall (lead vocal),
Juan DeVevo (guitar and vocals), Melodee DeVevo (vocals and
violin), Hector Cervantes (guitar and vocals), and Darren
Hughes (production manager) to Eagle's Landing First
Baptist Church in McDonough, GA in October of 2001. After
arriving here, the Lord led Chris Huffman (bass guitar), a
former student from FBC, Daytona, and Megan Garrett
(keyboard, vocals, More...

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Review about Casting Crowns songs
Beautifull | Reviewer: Caro
    ------ About the song Here I Go Again performed by Casting Crowns

This song speaks out of my heart. Aren't we all some kind of ashamed of the Gospel? And aren't we just keeping quite, not talking over Chrsit because we are afraid that our friend will think we are crazy and will stop loving us because of this? That is why I am not talking about it.

The reverberating, most powerful voice..... | Reviewer: mark brian antonio
    ------ About the song Voice Of Truth performed by Casting Crowns

In every step we are going to take along the journey in the narrow and dim road, we must only depend on the light of HIS instructions. We may be called once was a filthy being because of the sin we have made at the past but we must not let the past knock us down. We must not listen to it, but we must listen to the voice of truth. The voice who uplifts burden into a blessing, a problem into a solution and sorrows into joy. That's the promise of CHRIST that will never be ruined by anyone. Listen to the uplifting voice because HE has a special plan for your life, HE's still working on it.

    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

First of all must give The Everlasting Father the praise foe His unfathomable and lavished love. Casting Crown may more grace be released to u to do great and awesome work that'll change the heart of men all over he world. I play it over and over because it reminds me the person who I am and what His love did for me. INDESCRIBLE is His love. Halleluya

    ------ About the song Praise You In This Storm performed by Casting Crowns

been with my husband for 18 years & all of a sudden decides to abandon my 3 babies & i.. he said "i'm not happy, i am idiot & i am leaving" for his high school sweetheart whom has 3 kids. Since his depature, i have never experienced a storm such as this. He has thrown me every stone to hurt me, claims that i rejected him & doesnt want to take care of kids yet he seeks for us - HIS FAMILY. I pray to god to save him as I have already tried in so many diffrent ways.. even got down on my knees and begged, when i should only be kneeling to the LORD OUR GOD and there is no change of mind. i offered reconcilation for our marriage in which he was willing to do but would continue comitting his adultery in which i felt that the storm was getting worse as i felt that i was now loosing him more than anything. The most worse, is HIM not allowing Jesus in his heart. When i told him "let me save you" he said "save me from what?" He has turned into a monster towards me & i pray for Jesus to now save him. As the song says, every tear i have wept, every bad word said to me, Jesus has been by my side, holding my hand. I continue to stumble but that is where I am praising God more than EVER to help me Win or lose, good or bad times, I will continue to be strong in God's faith, stay on the right path as we will emerge from this storm & come out stronger, more wiser, courageous & complete from all this. Please pray for my husbands salvation as i MISS HIM SO MUCH and have god soften his heart so he can allow the LORD back into his life .. bring him back home where he belongs as in my faith in Christ will always be there along with my hope that the storm will end.

A Touching Song | Reviewer: daniella buenavidez
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

i very touched to this song 'cause i so much relate even if i didn't know the whole lyrics and i also love KPOP ... but when i hear this song in radio and in our church i just felt that i'm crying ...

BEAUTIFUL SAVIOUR | Reviewer: Ijey Momife
    ------ About the song Beautiful Savior performed by Casting Crowns

A song that truly ignites the awesome love of Christ for me and the desire to connect to Him in worship.
Beautiful lyrics open a flood gate of glimpses of Heaven.
I first bought the CD in 2003, lost it a year later but didn't mind because the song was imprinted in my heart then and always.

What an awesome grace!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

Lord, How precious is your grace for me. If it was because of who I am and what I do, I would never have the privilege of being "your Child". I am so thankful that I am yours inspite of all my limitations , only because of who you are and what you have done for me. Thank You

Ever Joyful Experience | Reviewer: Songo Steven Eregoba
    ------ About the song Praise You With The Dance performed by Casting Crowns

I always love to listen to this song and sing along. I can't help but dance for God each time I hear it, no matter where I am and even when I'm walking down the street with my headphones on. For me it's an ever joyful experience and a mood lifter. Praise God!

So, so beautiful | Reviewer: Janice
    ------ About the song White Dove, Fly High performed by Casting Crowns

The music and duet are just so beautiful. I am surprised that I haven't heard this song more often. Your video introduction is wonderful. As a fairly new Christian I am still learning a lot from the Bible, and it was not only helpful, but beautiful.

Praise you in this storm | Reviewer: Godiya tanimu ov
    ------ About the song Praise You In This Storm performed by Casting Crowns

Dis song has inspired somany youths hu thuot dat dficult situatn can nt be conuered. Fo xmpl, "praise u in dis storm" wich storm? Storm here refers to de task dat God had set ahead us, its tels us to giv glory to God nd to praise Him even in d hard ground nd He shall to raise us up wen eva we falls. Thanks to everybody dat hlp in cotributn by comments!

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