Casting Crowns Lyrics

Casting Crowns began as a student worship band in Daytona
Beach, FL in 1999. After 2 years of serving at First
Baptist Daytona Beach, God called Mark Hall (lead vocal),
Juan DeVevo (guitar and vocals), Melodee DeVevo (vocals and
violin), Hector Cervantes (guitar and vocals), and Darren
Hughes (production manager) to Eagle's Landing First
Baptist Church in McDonough, GA in October of 2001. After
arriving here, the Lord led Chris Huffman (bass guitar), a
former student from FBC, Daytona, and Megan Garrett
(keyboard, vocals, More...

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Review about Casting Crowns songs
My best song | Reviewer: Faithylight Adikwu
    ------ About the song While You Were Sleeping performed by Casting Crowns

I was brousing and i just inputed casting crown and i saw dis song i downloaded it wen i first heard d song it touches so much my heart knwin jesus came to dis world and there was no room for him casting crown God bless u 4 dis song and give u more inspirational idea to use and bless us AMEN

Faith. | Reviewer: Steven Caruso
    ------ About the song If We Are The Body performed by Casting Crowns

I'm not a very religious person. so it may seem odd that i'm "Reviewing" this song. I have my own reasons why i don't go to church, but that's not what i'm here to talk about.

I've listened to this song many times in my life. My father was big on Christian music, so i heard this and many other song's quite often.

As I've grown older, And as i think about the way the world seems to act. I feel now more than ever that this song is Right.

Now, don't get me wrong, as i stated before, i don't go to church, and i'm not extremely religious.

But we've strayed too far. We turn our backs on people just because other's of the same or similar faith feel like we should.

of what i understand, God wants us to love eachother equally.

Yet we treat the LGBT community like trash, we discriminate against others by what they look like, and we turn a blind eye to those in need because of reasons undisclosed.

We, as believers in god, are The body of Christ. yet we seem to be moving backwards, or just plain standing still.

I feel like this needs to change.

I may be wrong, but i hope i'm not the only one who feels this way.

I'd recommend this song to anyone. Christian or not.
I personally like it. And lastly...
Thank you for reading.

The voice of truth. | Reviewer: Felicia Omotoso
    ------ About the song Voice Of Truth performed by Casting Crowns

I woke up this morning with this song in my heart. I believe it is a word from God telling me not to listen to all the other voices that are speaking. I believe I have received my deliverance this morning.
The Lord will bless you and make you a blessing and a joy unto many generations in Jesus name.

happy life | Reviewer: kk
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

Man I'm just gonna say that my kids and I are just touched by this song and I know that the people who are not at church will get a chance to go to church and praise the Lord of Jesus

WHO AM I that show this great love a mere dust like me | Reviewer: Eseoghene
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

This song sinks deep into my soul each i listen to it.
Who would have thought that God could also reach forth His hand of love to me. Thank Lord for making me urs.
Casting crown may God bless and inspire u more.

everlasting love | Reviewer: Annliya
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

This one of my fvrt song and it is toching.When I heard dis song for d first tym I cried a lot by thinking about all d gud things he had done for me.How many times I hv broken ur heart,bt still u forgive me and love me.Thank u for ur everlasting love

I have blessed...... | Reviewer: Nathan Paul
    ------ About the song Voice Of Truth performed by Casting Crowns

I have blesseb by this song.I have heard that song from a group of singers had sang that in a Holliness camp in Pabrabuk,the pacifi Bible college of Papua New Guinea.
which I believe its really change my life...

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Graham Mathai Nairobi Kenya.
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

I have loved this song all the time I have played the album or heard it being played in the radio. We usualy sing along with my children everytime we play the Album.. I Would like to see the Chords so that I can learn to play it on my Piano keyboard or guitar. God bless Casting Crowns and May The Lord of all the earth inspire you more for other greater songs. God bless you. My Email is:

This song is a vehicle of the Holy Spirit | Reviewer: Jorge I Rodriguez
    ------ About the song Voice Of Truth performed by Casting Crowns

I had not heard this song since my days in California...when it came over my Christian station I could not hold back the tears thinking of where I was last Sat. night, drunk n on a date, both of which I said I wouldn't do again..but there I was pulled over by a Ct. State trooper with a bible on my front seat from Fridays bible study......n he let me go n I thought....thank you Jesus for your mercy. This Sat. night I'm home...sober!!! :-)

Who am i he die and rose agains b.cos of me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Who Am I performed by Casting Crowns

This song always remind me d sacrifice that he,ve made 4 me.the moment am hurt thise song drow me close 2him.when ever i sang this song i feel am something in God bless my brother.

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