Casting Crowns Albums

  • Thrive Album (1/28/2014)
    All You've Ever Wanted
    Just Be Held
    You Are The Only One
    Broken Together
    Love You With The Truth
    This Is Now
    Dream For You
    Follow Me
    House Of Their Dreams
    Waiting On The Night To Fall

  • Come To The Well Album (10/18/2011)
    City On The Hill
    Jesus, Friend Of Sinners
    Already There
    The Well
    Spirit Wind
    Just Another Birthday
    Wedding Day
    My Own Worst Enemy
    Face Down
    So Far To Find You

  • Until The Whole World Hears Album (11/17/2009)
    Until The Whole World Hears
    If We've Ever Needed You
    Always Enough
    Joyful, Joyful
    At Your Feet
    Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)
    Holy One
    To Know You
    Jesus, Hold Me Now
    Blessed Redeemer
    Shadow Of Your Wings

  • The Altar and the Door Album (8/28/2007)
    What This World Needs
    Every Man
    Slow Fade
    East To West
    The Word Is Alive
    The Altar And The Door
    Somewhere In The Middle
    I Know You're There
    Prayer For A Friend
    All Because Of Jesus

  • Lifesong Album (10/7/2003)
  • Casting Crowns Album (10/7/2003)

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    Reviews about Casting Crowns albums
    Conversational | Reviewer: Linda Veigas
        ------ About the album Thrive performed by Casting Crowns

    The hyms are perfectly composed and sung.. it makes me feel connected with Jesus as if i am talking to him (Jesus). Its been since years that I have been listening to your gospel music and evrytime I listen to them I have tears in my eyes. Jesus bless you. Thank you..

    LIfe changeing | Reviewer: Chelsey
        ------ About the album Casting Crowns performed by Casting Crowns

    You wouldnt belive what words can do to a person. this cd has made a HUGE impact on my life and the life of my family and church family. i love the song who am i it makes me relize that god didnt put us here for us but for him and he can take us out of this life just as fast as he put us in here. And we are not worthy of what god has givin us. So i incourage every body to buy this cd. my family and church family will contiue you shine our light and sing your songs and ghive god glory becuse of you guys!!! god bless you all
    -chelsey age 15

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