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Flyleaf Cassie Lyrics

Last updated: 07/27/2014 06:45:41 PM

The question asked in order
To save her life or take it
The answer 'no' to avoid death
The answer 'yes' would make it

Make it

Do you believe in God?
Written on the bullet
Say 'yes' to pull the trigger

Do you believe in God?
Written on the bullet
And Cassie pulled the trigger

All heads are bowed in silence
To remember her last sentence
She answered him knowing what would happen,
Her last words still hanging in the air

In the air

Do you believe in God?
Written on the bullet
Say 'yes' to pull the trigger
Do you believe in God
Written on the bullet?
And Cassie pulled the trigger
Say 'yes' and pull the trigger

How many will die
I will say yes!
And Cassie pulled the trigger

Do you believe in God?
Written on the bullet
And Cassie pulled the trigger

Do you believe in God?
Written on the bullet
And I will pull the trigger.

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Composer : Lacey Mosley
Length : 3:07
Released : 2003
Genre : Alternative metal, Christian rock, Hard rock

"Cassie" is a song by Christian alternative metal band Flyleaf. It was first released on their self-titled EP Passerby, when they were still named Passerby. "Cassie" subsequently appeared on Flyleaf (EP), Flyleaf LP Sampler, and Flyleaf (album).

The song refers to Lacey Mosley's view on the Columbine High School massacre concerning the death of Cassie Bernall. The account it is based on claims that Cassie Bernall was asked by one of the gunmen whether she believed in God or not. Upon expressing her belief, she was shot in the face. According to some accounts, Cassie was not questioned about her beliefs, but a similar question was put to Valeen Schnurr, who was spared by Dylan Klebold. The investigation team that worked on the Columbine shooting came to similar conclusions regarding the incident and its authenticity. From Wikipedia

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20 April 1999 | Reviewer: YaMum | 7/27/14

It was Val who got asked not Cassie. You say that we'll never know what happened, we do know, because the girl who got asked is Still Alive! On YouTube there is a leaked call from the library you hear Eric bang on the table and say 'peak-a-boo' then shoot and on another one you hear Val saying 'Oh God, oh God..' i cant hear it but after that is when Dylan asks her if she believes in God, she said yes, something's I've read says that Eric then says God is gay. I'm not sure if it was but i think when Eric shot Cassie he broke his nose (he was bending down the gun hit him in the face, i believe that's why they didn't kill more) If you think Cassie said yes then you need to do more research, its sad she died but Val is 'the girl who said yes' she don't have a song or a book. Even investigators said they got the table wrong.
Someone also said this song is about Rachel Scott, its called Cassie. Lol. Rachel Scott wasn't asked if she believed in God, they didn't talk to her during the shooting.

People saying RIP to just Cassie, how out of order are you?!
RIP to the 12 brave students, 1 hero teacher and the 2 lost gunmen.

Think of it from another point of view | Reviewer: Jeremy | 10/20/11

So, even if it wasn't Cassie, if it wasn't for people (like me) who think it WAS Cassie that said the "Yes" that ended her life, we wouldnt have this song. Now, people will not ever know the 100% truth of what exactly went down that day. But stop the fighting between what we beleive. You cant change the past. Or i would have already to save the life of my friend.

RIP Cassie Bernall (4/20/99)
RIP Meagan Kandis (4/04/11)

Just to clear this up. | Reviewer: Kenny | 2/24/11

This song is about the alleged story that Cassie Bernall was asked if she believed in god shortly before being executed by Dylan Klebold. However, this was not the case. The other gunman, Eric Harris, approached the table she was under, slapped it twice with his hand and said "peek-a-boo" before shooting her point blank in the head. The one witness to her death confirmed this. What had happened, was that a victim in the library at the time, Val Schnurr, had shouted "Oh God, help me!" She floundered in her answer, saying no and then yes, trying to get the answer "right". He asked her why; she said it was because it was what her family believed. He taunted her then walked away.

STOP! | Reviewer: dylan | 1/21/11

I really love this song and Flyleaf. What every single one of you is doing is talking down this wonderful song! Who cares who's right? Nobody will ever truly know what happened at Columbine. Everybody SHUT UP! Just stop!

cassie | Reviewer: marrisa | 12/22/10

am so glad that there are still a good people in this emghty life sommme just might dont under stand why would she risk her life for something like that i say if i were in her shoe i would do the same ..

Columbine | Reviewer: Jenn | 2/8/10

Yeah, the song's about a girl from the Columbine shootings. They put the gun to her head, asked if she believed in God, she said yes, they asked why and shot her. I read a book about her. It's a pretty powerful story.

My opinion | Reviewer: Paula.Nicole | 1/21/10

I think this is sort of like this:
they aare asking her if she believes in God, and if she says yes she has to get shot at. She doesn't want to say no because she does believe in Him. So she says yes and takes the bullet.

Cassie.Rachel,and Columbine | Reviewer: Sophia | 12/1/09

Just so you know I'm a preteen.And I don't need the yelling and fighting.You guys are probably adults and are fighting over something so stupid.
1st:I don't think she did suicide.It's saying She said yes to the question and the guy shot her.Saying yes made her die.
2nd:Everyone needs to stop comparing singers to other singers it gets annoying and people start to fight for the favorite singer.I like both Lacey and Avril.Heck I like a lot of singers.Please stop acting immature.It's just a song.
3rd:MY OPINION!!!!!I DO think she was asked if she believed in god.And I also think she said yes.(But I wasn't even 5 years old when that happened)And none of us where there so we don't know.Others say a gunman pounded on the desk and said peek a boo and shot her.I don't know which one to believe.I even herd she got killed because the gunman asked her out and she said no.I don;t really know and none of us know.And as one of us mentioned only the people in the library and the gunman and Cassie and god know.People in the library as someone said probably don't know what they're saying.AGAIN MY OPINION!!
4th:I LOVE FLYLEAF AND THIS SONG!! I love it sooo much I'm singing it for my school's end of the year talent show.I think my voice is good enough.
5th:Every body stop fighting.It's just a song!Who cares what is about.Gosh I'm not even a teenager yet and you guys are probably more older than me and you guys are fighting NONSTOP!STOP FIGHTING BEFORE I TELL YOUR MOMAS!!Okay I don't have that power but please stop fighting!!

Believe | Reviewer: IWILLSAY YES | 12/1/09

This song, it's so sad. It reminds you of how the good people are always the first ones to go. And it sucks, but maybe it's okay to die if you have something worth dying for. I respect this girl, and I love that Flyleaf payed tribute to such a forgotten young girl. Anyone that can look a gun in the face and solemnly stand up for what they believe in, no matter the outcome, they've won the battle. Go Lacey Mosley...

Look, | Reviewer: Me | 11/14/09

You guys that are arguing about Christians saying all that. That's not Christianity. Real Christians accept people no matter what religion they are and they welcome people just like God does. God gave us all the choice to be whatever we want to be, and Christians just encourage following him. They don't think they are better than anybody else. So stop the religion arguments please. God loves us all. I'm Catholic, but I go to a Christian church group and it's nothing like everybody thinks it is. People are giving Christians a bad image. Let's stop :)

Coloumbine | Reviewer: Carleigh | 10/18/09

If no one else noticed, but this song is about Rachel Joy Scott who died in the Coloumbine shooting a few years back. She was asked if she believed in God and she said yes. then he shot her once then asked her if she still believed in Him and her answer remained the same.

to him there say that with cristian band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

if you knwo what the song is mean to have been maked to a girl there died becuse she was cristian she bin asked for f she beliv in god and she sayd yes and she know that if he say yes she will die and mabye if she say no she mabye not will be bot that we never will found out

... | Reviewer: titto | 8/11/09

you can call it god or anything else... i believe in something but i don't name it like god,jesus, allah, buddha, krishna..etc. & I believe in myself. i think that ppl could create their own future..
Titto, from Hungary :)

=] | Reviewer: JessDarling | 6/7/09

In all honesty, I don't believe in God, but I have respect for people who do - whatever faith. This song shows nothing but feeling passionate for something, and I think everyone has that something.
I love flyleaf

Unique | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/09

This song has a very unique concept. It's refreshing to hear a song about real events. Personally I would die for my faith too.. although thats easier said than done.
The lyrics are very meaningful and Flyleaf picked a very good topic to sing about.
I don't know much about the girl who actually did this but I have alot of respect for her.