Cassidy Albums

  • Mayhem Music: AP3 Album (7/8/2012)
    Ain't Gonna Happen
    Half To A Hole Thing
    Do It Big
    Goon Music
    Game Don't Change
    Mind Of A Grinda
    We Working
    Narcotic For Sale
    Look At Him (Look At The Bul)
    Wake Up
    Mayhem Music
    I Don't Like (Freestyle)
    Same Damn Time Freestyle
    Cash Out (Freestyle)
    Shaq And Penny
    I Get It In
    She Off The Hook
    Belive In A Dollar
    What The Fuck A Real Nigga Do
    God Is So Good To Me

  • C.A.S.H. Album (11/16/2010)
    Face 2 Face
    Paper Up
    Monsta Muzik
    One Shot
    All Day All Night
    Girl Like Her
    Drumma Bass
    Hate Me Or Love Me
    High Off Life
    Awww Shit
    Imma G Boy
    She Addicted
    Music In My Blood

  • B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story Album (11/6/2007)
    Intro (B.A.R.S. vs. Da Hustla)
    My Drink N' My 2 Step
    Where My Niggaz At
    I Will Never Tell (Uh Uh)
    I Pray
    Innocent (Misunderstood)
    Cash Rules
    Leanin' On The Lord
    Damn I Miss The Game
    Done 4 Me
    I Get My Paper
    Take A Trip
    All By Myself

  • I'm A Hustla Album (6/28/2005)
    The Problem Vs. The Hustla
    On The Grind
    A.M. To P.M.
    Can't Fade Me
    Kick It Wit You
    Get 'Em
    So Long
    6 Minutes
    The Message
    I'm A Hustla (Remix)
    B-Boy Stance
    I'm A Hustla

  • Split Personality Album (3/16/2004)

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    Reviews about Cassidy albums

    Tha Hustla | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album I'm A Hustla performed by Cassidy

    Man...youngin' Cass killed tha album cuzin...his first album Split Personality was nice;but aimed towards tha ladies.But he came back wit that real CRACK shit on this album.On a scale from 1 to 10 it was definately a 9.4.Keep it ua Cass we expecting some shit in tha future.Now,wit cass out of jail,he gettin it started behind tha booth,yet again...Check out that freestyle by Cassidy fresh from tha cell,@ and type in Cassidy freestyles under VIDEO on tha search engine...Holla Back @ ya boy THA KID...G.S.B my crew,check us out.we comin can hit me ua on my cell @ 817-305-1126.ask 4 Kid

    cassidy the hustla man!!!!!!!!!!!!11 | Reviewer: trev
        ------ About the album I'm A Hustla performed by Cassidy

    hey dudes, if u haven't picked up the new cassidy joint man, "u stupid, it wat it is and thats nothin but hott!!!!!!!, cass spits on everything from C-R-A-C-K to bellybottons to "for my peeps cause my family gotta eat", i'm not into the whole cash money click, (GGGGGGG-G-Unit) but after i'm a hustla and b-boy stance, i had to hear wat this kid could spit and man can he ever, we may have a nother twista on our hand the boy could be as fast and close to if not smoother than twist, nothin but respect 4 twista though, the only thing cass does wrong is compare himself to some of the best ever to have graced the game, Pac, Bigge, Hove, and sayin "if nebody better than me, then he already die" the kid cass needs to keep his confidence in check 4 he gets checked, u holla backa at the kid, keep it real

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