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The enigma known as cartel was birthed on a glorious day in
august of '03. This day was heralded with the union of two
atlanta music scene powerhouses: summer's disregard and
andy lee. Andy, who was also the drummer of the band two
week notice, brought many wonderful things to the band:
connections, charm, and fantastic hit- making abilities.
All of this coupled with the indigenous anthem creating
prowess of summer's disregard made for a truly incredible
combination. and just when things couldn't get any better,
the handsome ryan More...

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Review about Cartel songs
time still hasn't changed Love | Reviewer: to ja <3 B
    ------ About the song If I Fail performed by Cartel

Been on a job site rocking my headphones on shuffle all day and heard this song and immediately thought of you and your smile, then remembered this site! I used to get on here all the time and check to see if you've been on to write me... Now the days are busy full of work and two amazing little guys who have changed my life! But time still hasn't change my thoughts for you ! I really miss u bestie. I have yet to desire & long for someone with a Passion as I do for you. Another years past, this year w no response on your bday, I guess he didn't forget it two years n a row.. (goofy Fuxker) I.couldn't.forget it if I tried, call me cursed for life! Haha I blame it on your eyes! And to find yourself here time after time for some good advise and a.close friend I think means nothing but you love me too!

yes...please save us | Reviewer: Melissa
    ------ About the song Save Us performed by Cartel

To me the song is talking about alot of things. It holds major power in family structure, God, struggle with self, and inability to carry on the facade anymore...needing guidance for change in every single area of total existance.

    ------ About the song Save Us performed by Cartel

I sense anger over religions inability to save. Proof that belief is a Love should be but so hard when you don't know what to beleive or worse yet refuse to.
To eric who wrote "This song isn't about a god or about it being religious...its about a girl ''simple words we never knew..the power behind what they put us through'' he's talking about l LOVE U".
Well. it is about God (Abba YAH). Because YAH i sLOVE. "God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him." "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

Stumbled upon something right... | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song A performed by Cartel

I'm not going to lie: I like Chroma. The rest of their music doesn't hold anywhere near as strongly as that album, and so it makes sense that this spectacular finale is my favorite of their library. I would never call Cartel a group of intellectual, thought-provoking poets. In fact, if it weren't for this song I wouldn't call them artists. This song is a burst of beautiful clarity on an otherwise opaque album... I'm not sure if Cartel knew it, but they stumbled upon a song that forgets about this fight between body and mind that is music and plunged straight into the human heart.

"Does it ever get easier to live like this" | Reviewer: to B <3 Ja
    ------ About the song If I Fail performed by Cartel

I honestly don't know why or how I find myself here time & again when I'm in desperate need of some sort of comfort. I feel like I'm stuck in a spider web, while running on a hamster wheel, trapped inside a locked cage; & I want someone to come rescue me & set me free. I just want someone to give me the right answers in figuring out my life because just when I think I’ve got it right everything gets turned upside-down. I sound like I’m in dire need of a therapist, but I’m actually truly blessed to have such an amazing son who keeps me sane and brings me more happiness than I could ever hope for in a lifetime. Wish on a star for me tonight that I am able to find some sort of contentment in the choices I make (only time will tell). Thanks for listening & I wish the best for you in every aspect of your life. xoxo

Lovely | Reviewer: Anno Domini
    ------ About the song The Minstrel's Prayer performed by Cartel

This song is not new, i know this, but it is new to me, i was on pandora radio the other day and this song came on and within the first stanza i was already loving it, I myself am a songwriter so i know how silly it feels to write love songs. Especially since my true love will probably never feel the same, but i hold onto that hope and i keep writing, this is a song full of hope for any and all songwriters who have or will ever try to write lovesongs... It is truely a lovely song

It's better than silence | Reviewer: to Ja <3 B
    ------ About the song If I Fail performed by Cartel

I miss you! Especially your expressions- all the cute faces you make, there's like a hundred and fifty! I miss em all! And sporadically seeing U as you pass by working sucks because it's completely divided attention. I think we're about due for a Rendezvous Ja! I promise I'll behave, and will do my best to make sure U do too! ;) just No Tequila & i think we'll be fine! ha It's just another day here & work & I've had So Much on my mind, I've been reminiscing a lot lately and You've been the memories of choice.. And Honestly I have a lot of memories of us for the little time we spent together, & We never even got to do anything extravagant like camping, float trip, going creekin with our creekin britches like u promised. Lol - I dont know, i guess life just makes ya wonder "what if?" ya know.? what if things went differently those years ago.. But they didn't and I'm not in regret about the decisions made cause our kids love both their Rents. Guess I'm just not as happy as i know I could be.. But it's good.. :) Hope your having a good day!

I get this | Reviewer: Toast
    ------ About the song The Minstrel's Prayer performed by Cartel

I can relate to this really well. Its like when your in love with a girl (or guy i guess as well) you just sometimes feel such an urge to write a song for them... and it feels pointless because sometimes it makes you feel silly and like your lyrics are pathetic or something and you know the person may not hear it. "And all these stupid silly songs Keep trying to catch your ear" Its been like that since the olden days like rome i guess. "And even if you listened I never had much to say Cause it's the same old song I've written for the day"

:( cheer up my friend | Reviewer: b
    ------ About the song If I Fail performed by Cartel

u know things always get better. Especially when you have a family and that wonderful little boy to come home to! He always knows how to cheer u up! And yes I wish we were still friends as well, I don't have too many friends that I can vent to that understand. All my boys are idiots, love email but just not dependable. And 4sure, we truly understood eachother ja! I hope u have a Great day when u happen to see this! I know mine are a little more exciting after i see yours. Like who hasn't heard of Email people ask! We'll this is more unique folks!! LOL
Ps being here at work at 645 sucks! So tried, I need energy!!! what nights aren't u usually slammed, I'm gonna come up and say hello..

great song | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Wasted performed by Cartel

man!?!, im curently 16 and a bit of a musican and a song writer myself and this is such a truly down to earth honest heart grabbin song....and even though im stil young, i can realy relate to alot of the lyrics.... but anyways wat a great song, its just 1 of those wher yew say, "i wish i cuda made this" :D

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