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James Taylor Carry Me On My Way Lyrics

Last updated: 06/07/2014 06:35:00 AM

(James Taylor)

I forget what to ask for
There isn't anything I haven't been given
How could I wish for anything more
As I am here living in heaven
This moment in the sun
To feel the wheel turning on

Carry me on my way
Carry me on my way
Carry me on my way
Carry me on my way

I worry about my actions
I think about the damage I do
I've seen the coming attractions
Armageddon and Waterloo
I tried to change my mind
I wasted precious time


Who knows where the time goes
Only everything is everything
Feels like I'm wearing my father's clothes
Singing a song my brother would sing
I turned to hide my face
They're gone without a trace


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Syncopation par non | Reviewer: Ken | 6/6/14

Aside from some fine lyrics, the guitar on this song is phenomenal. It is all syncopated, complex, and incredibly melodic around the melody. How he plays this and sings at the same time shows superb craftsmanship. Maybe the vocal is overdubbed, who knows.

Response to Mark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/09

A truly great song with a wonderful lyric. The song plays with tempo and turning around the time signature. His reference to Armageddon and Waterloo is, I think, just a reference to the anticipation of disaster - probably more in terms of a personal relationship than in any kind of global or political sense. He is aware of his actions and the damage he does, and he senses the coming disaster as a result of those actions.

There's Nothing I haven't been given | Reviewer: Mark Solomons | 10/15/07

I am wondering what the reference is to Waterloo.
I can figure out the Armageddon in these times: perhaps it is the conflagration in the mideast - the Persian Gulf Area going up in flames with Israel as a nuclear detonator.
But didn't waterloo happen in the 18th century; how can it be a coming attraction?

Any thoughts?