Carpenters Lyrics

FORMED: 1968, New Haven, CT

Richard Carpenter

As a pianist and producer, Richard's is a rare talent. It
was by his talent and ability that the foundation was laid
for the subsequent success of the Carpenter's Musical
Family. When we think of Carpenters it is most likely that
we would identify Karen's amazing voice as the dominate
"sound" of the group, however, it was Richard's
contributions which truly allowed them to achieve that
unique sound. A good example of this is the album More...

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Review about Carpenters songs
r.i.p. karen | Reviewer: dick dastardly
    ------ About the song Merry Christmas, Darling performed by Carpenters

THE ultimate "missing you" song for x-mas,or anytime. so clear and clean,it is awe inspiring,the jaw is hanging,and if you are a human,the tears should be flowing also,one of the 2 or 3 best x-mas,or "every day"songs EVER!!!!!

Remainder | Reviewer: Dona Juro Palembang
    ------ About the song I Have You performed by Carpenters

The Lyric and the way Karen Carpenter sang , its a remainder that I never be alone . The invisible hands o f God .Catch me when i fall,help me to strike back and faith till my last breath .God bless carpenter family

Meaningful Song | Reviewer: James A.Aggari
    ------ About the song I Have You performed by Carpenters

I dedicated this song to the Beautiful Lady of Maasin,Southern Leyte.When i was in my "Up and Down" days this beautiful lady advised me to face the reality.Now,I felt something different in my heart that words can't explain.The lyrics are perfect...

Carpenters holiday | Reviewer: Mary Lou Abad
    ------ About the song Home For The Holidays performed by Carpenters

The song is Karen carpenter
Is oh there here December are time coming
Back tomorrow night Christmas this holiday
With Karen carpenter oh dear you are are you here yes I am thank you so much
Come here nice hugging kissing it nice girl oh WELLY oh come on let's home
Town house this mom Ndebele dad come on let's home town house go home sleep right here come on?

Nostalgic... | Reviewer: jovelyn estrada
    ------ About the song I Have You performed by Carpenters

The first time I heard this song from someone very special I felt something different in my heart. It is the song that I always long to hear. Every word of this song touches my heart and it goes to my soul...I found my long lost true love...Mahal na mahal kita mahal ko...

i have you by carpenters | Reviewer: april joy cabigas
    ------ About the song I Have You performed by Carpenters

Eversince i was a child the time i knew this song "i have you"song by carpenters.. I keep memorizing it until such time I've been good singing heartfull and yet the meaning was being able the same story of my life...
While singing tears falls from my eyes..Thank you God for the gift u gave to me my angel ....I LOVE YOU bby...You complete me..
Thanks carpenter band your songs are unstoppable known by generation.:-)

great song | Reviewer: Cecille
    ------ About the song I Have You performed by Carpenters

I dedicated this song to my parents, especially to my mother. every words describe what my mother brings to my life. very nostalgic. and for my new inspiration in life, my adopted kitten who accidentally got blind, so saddening but i promise God to take care of her, btw, i call her "mercedes". hoping that even in darkness, she can enjoy her life and make us happy not seeing her suffer by blindness.

Wonderful Song | Reviewer: Karen K.
    ------ About the song Home For The Holidays performed by Carpenters

This is such a wonderful song and it is so true; there is no place like home for the holidays. Mom and Dad would always make the holidays a special time. If I could rate this song, I would give it a 10.

So Sad | Reviewer: cajee
    ------ About the song Superstar performed by Carpenters

I've only heard one other voice that was like hers. So pure. So heartbreaking that she could only see herself as over weight. Anorexia is such a hard thing to over come, and even if you do succeed, your body organs are damaged. It's good to see normal women who are in the song and/or acting industry come out against the stick figure women.

Goodbye to love... | Reviewer: Ricky Young
    ------ About the song Goodbye To Love performed by Carpenters

It is not only females who find it hard to find love, the male gender have emotions too and this song remains my epitaph in my life. Karen Carpenter is truly an awesome singer sadly missed still after all these years.

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