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Fall Out Boy Carpal Tunnel Of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 01/25/2013 07:16:04 AM

We take sour sips from life's lush lips,
And we shake, shake, shake, the hips in relationships,
Stomp out this disaster town,
You'll put your eyes to the sun and say:
"I know you're only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding"

And we might have started singing just a little soon
We're throwing stones in a glass room

Woah oh, we're so miserable and stunning,
Woah,love songs for the genuinely cunning, woah oh

We keep the beat with your blistered feet,
We bullet the words at the mockingbirds singing,
Slept through the weekend and dreaming,
Of sinking with the melody of the cliffs of eternity
Got postcards from my former selves saying "How've you been?"

We might have said goodbyes just a little soon
(Stomp out this disaster town)
Robbing lips, kissing banks under this moon

Woah, we're so miserable and stunning
Woah, far from the genuinely cunning
Woah, we're so miserable and stunning
Woah, far from for the genuinely cunning

It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche,
When the pearls in our shells came out to dance,
You call me a bad tipper of the cradle,
Tired yawns for fawns on hunter’s lawns

We’re the has-beens of husbands,
Sharpening the knives of young wives,
Take two years and call me when you're better,
Take tears of mine, find yourself wetter

Woah, we're so miserable and stunning
Woah, love songs for the genuinely cunning
Woah, we're so miserable and stunning
Woah, far from the genuinely cunning

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Pete's screamo-ness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/11

I LOVE this song!!!!! In fact, I'm listening to it right now! And don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Pete, but I honestly think that his screaming killed the song a little bit... it would've been SO much better if they left it out :)

Screw the FOB haters | Reviewer: GottaluvFOB | 9/16/09

Look, Fall Out Boy may have jacked the lyrics off of some other band, but they sing it better than anyone else ever could. If you guys are haters, than why are you even looking up this song? Just trying to ruin someones day? Or start a riot? Just shutup and let us love who we like and keep your comments to yourself, okay?

FOB LAME!!! | Reviewer: steve | 7/28/09

ok first off this Patrick is not poetic at all. If you knew anything about the stupid bands you guys like you would know that FOB settled out of court for plagiarism on this and three other songs from the same album. Wesley Eisold the singer from the hardcore band american nightmare/give up the ghost is credited for the lyrics and i'm sure got a nice chunk of cash

Pete = meh. | Reviewer: bedlam | 6/12/09

I dunno. LOVE Patrick's voice and the lyrics are poetic as always, but I personally can't respect Pete at all. I went backstage on Warped tour when I was fourteen and he didn't seem to have any qualms hitting on me, a relatively unattractive girl who was very obviously jailbait. As awesome and convenient as that may be for you underage fanfic writers, it was and still is creepy as hell to me. Maybe he's changed since then, but every time I see him I think, "Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..."

Get busy FOBbing or get busy dying | Reviewer: FOBsessed | 6/12/09

Shush! You're all ruining the atmosphere of the song ¬_¬

Pete's a cool guy really. Charisma is never a bad thing and if it helped get FOB publicised in any way then why complain? Publicity gets them more money so they want to write more albums/songs btw.

Also, Pete wrote half of their better known songs. Want him out of the band then FOB wouldn't go for much longer.

NO, I'm not saying Pete is the main part of the band but his contribution is pretty huge. If you don't like him then fine, stop singing to the songs HE wrote and find a new band!

Patrick's wonderful, Andy is pretty brilliant and Joe needs a shave. I love this band a huge huge amount so dissing one member is like hating them all to me. Shut it.


Fall Out Boy 4 Liife | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/3/08

A LOT of ppl just say they like Fall Out Boy when they rlly only like Pete. I LOVE FALL OUT BOY for their music! THey are awesome. So pete is a hottie, some ppl are just rlly annoying.
And there are other ppl in the band. Like rlly, Patrick Andy and Joe! I love themm too!

But I do love Pete's screaming in this song! It is so awesome and hot.
So is Patrick's "whoa's!" love this song by F.O.B!

FAll out boy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/08

I mean, really! shut up about pete! Oh and I love this song too,yall! My favorite song is I don't care by fob. Same band tho. they rock so hard that it is one of those things that I listen to so much that my siblings listen to them and they just don't get it! LUV YOU FOB!!! Even if you change to playing elevator music, I'll be bobbin my head to that, too! Who cares if people look at me and call for the loony bin to pick me up ASAP! I'll still luv yall!

arguing about FOB | Reviewer: Ella | 9/4/08

Haha, it makes me laugh how you guys are getting upset over something like this... it's a BAND who made an AWESOME song!! Just... chill out loveys! There are much more important things to be arguing about!

confused | Reviewer: awesomeness | 7/2/08

i looked up 2 different websites for these lyrics and they are uite different can any one tell me the right lyrics one website said "throwing stones in a glass room" and it also said instead of "were so miserable and cunning" the website said "it's a miserbale story" they both sound right so im confused

well said | Reviewer: jade xx | 6/20/08

well said fall out girl

FOB are an amazing band and I pretty new tuuh them but pete does seem a really sweet guy.
and maybe we will never meet, date or talk tuuh him, but a girl can dream right??

btw this is an amazing song ;)

specailly wen pete screams :P

luff jade xx