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The Charlie Daniels Band Carolina (I Remember You) Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2008 12:00:00 PM

The first things I remember are frosty Carolina mornings with a cheery fire
crackling in my mommas big black wood cook stove

I remember snow flakes as big as goose feathers and the moon the color of new
made country butter and a night sky like diamonds against black velvet reaching
from horizon to horizon

I remember when the biggest problems in my barefoot life were sand spurs and
red ant hills

I remember sitting with my grand daddy on the front porch and watching the last
of that magnificent southern sun bleed away into the twilight sky

I remember sunday school and kneeling at the cross and trying to imagine what
God looked like sunday dinner short pants hair cuts and a little puppy my
daddy brought home to me and I remember love

I remember steam puffing fire breathing awesome 10 wheel locomotives and the
conductors watch looked as big as one of my grand mothers biscuits

I remember my mother smiling in a red and white cherckered dress and christmas
always seemed so far away yes I remember you Carolina grand old lady if the
I remember you as home

One of the memories that stays on my mind
about an old southern lady that I left behind
is a ramshackle bridge where the deep river winds
and an old two-lane blacktop through the tall long-leaf pines

Carolina, Carolina
You're hard but you're hard to forget

I still remember the magnolia nights
and goosefeather snow flakes in the gray morning light
sandspurs and puppies and red autumn leaves
and the warm lights in the clear night on a cold Christmas Eve

Carolina, Carolina
You're hard but you're hard to forget

Carolina I knew you
before the highways got to you
and I loved you as one of your own
and I still do

Carolina, Carolina
You're hard but you're hard to forget
You're hard To Forget

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