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Carole Klein, 9 February 1942, Brooklyn, New York, USA. A
proficient pianist from the age of four, King was a
prolific songwriter by her early teens. When friend and
neighbour Neil Sedaka embarked on his recording career, she
followed him into the New York milieu, recording demos,
singing back-up and even helping arrange occasional
sessions. As a student at Queen's College, New York, she
met future partner and husband Gerry Goffin whose lyrical
gifts matched King's grasp of melody. She completed a
handful of singles, including "The More...

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Review about Carole King songs
Timeless Classic Song | Reviewer: CliSwe
    ------ About the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow performed by Carole King

I've known and loved this song for over half a century. First heard it by the Shirelles in 1961, then Carole King recorded it for herself ~10yrs later. Both versions were great. Goes back to the times when songs were tuneful & catchy ... and they didn't have to repeat the last line ad infinitum: they either ended with a bang, or faded-out gracefully.

    ------ About the song Beautiful performed by Carole King

This is in the Bible to Love one another and to think of whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable or worthy of praise.(Philippians 4:8)- to think about such things and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts & minds. Jesus came so that we can have life more abundantly, but it all starts in our thinking. That is why the scripture tells us very clearly what we should be thinking about. Refuse to let any negative thoughts take up space in our mind. Choose to think the right things. (It's our choice.) Fill our heart & mind on the Word of God and open the door for His hand of blessing in every area of your life! Yes, start your day "Wake up Every Morning With a Smile on Your Face and Show All the Love in Your Heart" you will see your day will go much better! God Bless!

Absolute Magic | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow performed by Carole King

This song just makes me smile. A true timeless classic. It also reminds me of the original Police Academy movie in the Blue Oyster Bar. What great memories.

I think of this song every spring | Reviewer: Connie from New York State
    ------ About the song You Gentle Me performed by Carole King

I have loved this song since I was a teen in the 1970s. The words ..especially " like the first Spring lilac rain you gentle me. I can smell it when I think of it! It has always been one of my favorite songs.

Will you still love me tomorrow ** I tear up!! LOVE IT! OG, 7/24/41 | Reviewer: Olinda Grimley
    ------ About the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow performed by Carole King

I have loved this song forever! I'm a 50's kid and it brings back old memories. To this day it gives my heart a tug. My love of 5 yrs has moved on. So these words mean so much to me. We loved each other at the time. Then tomorrow came and I wonder if he still loves me when the moon is high and the memories come to mind of all we shared. Thank you forever for showing me it happens. I will love him tomorrow and all his tommorows forever. Hugs always!!

One of the best tunes ever | Reviewer: Garry
    ------ About the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow performed by Carole King

Two of my favorite versions haven't been mentioned yet. Anyone who loves this song has to try Lobo's and Paul Overstreet's versions as well. This song is just a perfect match for Lobo's style.

tangintebukiribati | Reviewer: RutianMitanga
    ------ About the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow performed by Carole King

iam veyr happy for this title of the song cos it makes me to realise that we have to be feel worry for what will happened to us tomorrow. i once done one thing in my life that i think that it also can connect with this song. from this, i can get a question which is, " will you still love me tomorrow?" i hope that everything will be fine.
God be with us all.

So Descriptive of the Love We Shared! | Reviewer: John R, Florida
    ------ About the song Now And Forever performed by Carole King

My beloved wife and best friend passed away unexpectedly in July 2007, one month to the day after we both retired and after nearly 36 magical years together. Thank you, Carole King, for writing this song that describes perfectly what everyone who knew us said that they saw when then saw us. We truly "lit up the world" with the love that we were blessed to share, and were the lucky ones for sure - we did get to do things that I'm sure others never got to do. Love you Carole!

Too late | Reviewer: Lawrence
    ------ About the song It's Too Late performed by Carole King

Love is like giving or totaly submit yourself to somebody. This will be from the bottom of your heart. In love we dont have to cheat or pretend. The death of love especially in bedroom, has some destructive results in many families. Always ask for God's love to be in both of you. This song, its lyrics gives me words in my daily prayers. Lord open our hearts and fill them with endless love.

new to motherhood | Reviewer: Kyra
    ------ About the song Pierre performed by Carole King

As a child my mother used to sing this story to me and my siblings. I was asking my sister did she remember the words because I wanted to sing it to my son. Thanks for having this its awesome to sing songs from my childhood to my son.

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