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Imagine you are one of the few unlucky survivors of a
global thermonuclear war. The peaceful environment you once
knew has been completely obliterated, and your new home is
underneath the surface of the earth, free from the deadly
contaminants that have turned the earth above into a
radioactive wasteland. But those of you who are forced to
spend your few remaining days groping in the underground
darkness are not the only survivors, for up on the surface
a vicious horde of cannibalistic warriors roam - waiting
for you to stick your More...

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Review about Carnivore songs
Such a wonderful band. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thermonuclear Warrior performed by Carnivore

Carnivore rules. Pete (singer/bass/songwriter) had such intelligent and hilarious lyrics. Their guitarist was such awesome thrash shred, which in itself was funny too. Both of them have passed away, but their stuff still makes me laugh a little. I wonder what they would say about today's current affairs. Probably something like: "I told you so." In a totally dead-pan delivery.

No Hope = No Fear

Some asshole misspelled "Muslims" | Reviewer: Curse
    ------ About the song Race War performed by Carnivore

The lyrics are decent except for that one misspelling, and the fact that the intro lyrics and fill lyrics were left out...

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