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BORN: June 25, 1945, New York, NY

On the heels of her highly acclaimed Arista album Letters
Never Sent, Carly Simon, the internationally renowned
singer, composer and lyricist, is embarking on a
prestigious U.S. tour. Simon will perform alone and
together with Daryl Hall and John Oates, who will join her
on her much anticipated return to the stage. The tour is a
departure for the very private Simon, who has taken a
fourteen year hiatus from life on the road. However, fans
need not worry that this break from live performance might More...

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Review about Carly Simon songs
my sister and me | Reviewer: Sherry
    ------ About the song Two Little Sisters performed by Carly Simon

I heard this song on Marvins Room. My mom passed from cancer three years ago. My little sister took care of her for her final years and we were both there with her during her final moments. We had a falling out two years ago and havent spoken to each other since. I broke down and cried when I heard this song. I miss her and wish we could make amends. We used to talk about growing old together and what it would be like.

Mother and Son | Reviewer: Linda Engel
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Carly Simon

Thank you Carly, I have been a huge fan since forever and after a huge search for the perfect song, I remembered the title song from "This is My Life". Love of MY Life expresses every Mother's sweet love for their child. I will be thrilled to dance with my son to this song in 5 weeks at his wedding !

Beautiful, powerful, HOT!!! | Reviewer: Angel P..^i^
    ------ About the song Touched By The Sun performed by Carly Simon

My emotions are all over the place and this song showed up on my music player and OMG!!! I just love Carly Simon!!! This totally moved me, brought tears to my eyes, yet everything does lately... trying to find my personal power after being dumped in a relationship that I gave all my power too and I really REALLY needed to hear this!!!! I love the whole big lipped beauty driving into the sun and the power... take me with you,, or better yet,,, LET ME DRIVE!!

My Mom | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Carly Simon

My Mom passed away 2 and a half years ago. This was one of our songs. I put it on a cd for her during dialysis and it always made her smile. It will always make me smile as well. Thanks Carly for the gorgeous song.

my sister-my soul | Reviewer: Jewel Masters
    ------ About the song Two Little Sisters performed by Carly Simon

My sister and I were very close, she was four yrs. older, but we did everything together. Hubby, me & kids moved from Md. and I missed her so. When she retired, she came to live with us - only five yrs.- cancer took her nine yrs. ago. I love this song and only Carly could sing it so beautifully, but I can't listen too often because I breakdown- even now I sob. I was the sis who looked to the stars, she was the angel who was loved by family members on both sides. I only watch Marvins Room on weekends because it takes me two days to get control of myself - I love the movie (have only watched it twice) and adore this song. When I tell others about it, I must write the lyrics because to say them causes me to sob - this song (all of it) is my sister & me.
Thank you, Carly thank you so much

Selected Song at Wedding | Reviewer: Ann Godfrey
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Carly Simon

My son called me yesterday to ask what song I would like them to play when we dance together at the wedding and this came to my mind immediately! I hope I do not cry at the wedding because I cry when I hear this song it is so beautiful!

AWESOME!!!!! | Reviewer: Rose and Ralph
    ------ About the song LOVE OF MY LIFE performed by Carly Simon

Thanks Carly. You've put into words how my husband and I feel about our children. My son is getting married in a few months and this is a perfect mother son song. We feel so incredibly blessed - with love and gratitude.

love this song | Reviewer: Joel
    ------ About the song LOVE OF MY LIFE performed by Carly Simon

First time I heard this sone was in "This is My Life," I always had it in the back of mind, would listen to the soundtrack in the card, and said to myself, that when my daughter gets married I will dance with her to this song.
Well, My daughter IS getting married in 3 weeks and we are dancing to this song.
My Thanks to Carly Simon.
PS I wish I could get this movie on DVD

Inspiration for the rest of my day | Reviewer: Kathy
    ------ About the song TOUCHED BY THE SUN performed by Carly Simon

I was running around the net looking for songs for my son's memorial...he passed away at age 29 a month ago. I dedicated my life to his care, through surgeries, chemos, radiations and transplants..never leaving his side for a moment. But now I am faced with figuring out my life journey from here. In my search, I went to the greats..and found this song for the first time. It moved me like no other. It will guide me through my journey as I go. Once again inspire and help.

two Little Sisters | Reviewer: rita gallagher
    ------ About the song Two Little Sisters performed by Carly Simon

My sister Joan first had me listen to this song. It reminded her of us as kids. She was the shy one while I was more adventures. So I guess you know which one she said was me. The one looking at the sky. I lost my 2yrs older than me sister Joan 3 weeks ago and my nephew Howard her oldest of six children made a family memorial dvd, and when he went through the pictures of Joan and me when we were young, up to our wedding days, this song was played in the background. I once again was back to the days of our youth and the day she first played it for me. We laughed as we often did when we got together. I miss her a whole bunch but I know she is watching over me along with my brother Joseph and they are praying for me. Thank you for writing this song and many other songs that tell a story and touches someones life and heart. Thank you again Carly Simon. Rita Gallagher

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