Carlene Carter Albums

  • Little Acts of Treason Album (10/1/1995)
    Love Like This
    Little Acts Of Treason
    He Will Be Mine
    Come Here You
    The Lucky Ones
    All Night Long
    You'll Be The One
    Loose Talk (Carlene Carter with Carl Smith)
    Go Wild
    The Winding Stream

  • Little Love Letters Album (8/1/1993)
    Little Love Letter #1
    Every Little Thing
    Wastin' Time With You
    Unbreakable Heart
    Sweet Meant To Be
    Nowhere Train
    Long Hard Fall
    Little Love Letter #2
    I Love You 'Cause I Want to
    World Of Miracles
    Hallelujah In My Heart
    The Rain
    Heart Is Right

  • I Fell in Love Album (8/1/1990)
    I Fell in Love
    Come On Back
    The Sweetest Thing
    My Dixie Darlin'
    Goodnight Dallas
    One Love
    The Leavin' Side
    Guardian Angel
    Me And The Wildwood Rose
    You Are The One
    Easy From Now On

  • Musical Shapes Album (8/1/1980)
    Baby Ride Easy (duet with Dave Edmunds)
    Bandit of Love
    I'm So Cool
    Appalachian Eyes
    Ring of Fire
    Too Bad About Sandy
    That Very First Kiss
    Foggy Mountain Top
    Too Drunk (To Remember)
    Too Proud

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