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Born Carl Robert Belew, 21 April 1931, Salina, Oklahoma
Died 31 October 1990, Salina, Oklahoma

Carl Belew is one of a long list of performers who moved on from making small rockabilly records to country music fame as both a singer and songwriter. His rockers include Cool Gator Shoes and Folding Money on Four Star for whom he made his debut in 1955 after being brought to the company's attention by Marvin Rainwater.

His big breakthrough came when Johnnie And Jack took Belew's Stop The World (And Let Me Off) into the charts (# 7 country in 1958). It's a great song which was covered in blistering style by Waylon Jennings for an early RCA single. Lonely Street was also a turning point for him, the ballad becoming a Top 10 hit for Andy Williams, and covered in fine style by our Shaker Gene Vincent. Gene seemed to like the ink that flowed from Belew's pen, cutting a cover of Am I That Easy To Forget? which was a # 9 country hit for Carl himself and a pop hit for Debbie Reynolds in 1960. Eight years later it hit in the UK for Engelbert Humperdinck. Other notable cover versions came from Jim Reeves and Don Gibson.

Strangely for such a great writer, he scored two hits with Crystal Chandeliers and Hello Out There, neither of which he penned. Other songwriting success came with Eddy Arnold's US country number 1, What's He Doing In My World? (1965).

I've never heard That's When I See the Blues in Your Pretty Brown Eyes, but what a great title.

He died from cancer in November 1990. Two years after his death he won the Music City News award for Best Song with Look At Us. It's a beautiful ballad (If they want to know what true love should be, they'll just look at us), which was a massive hit for Vince Gill. Discography: There are no Carl Belew CD's in print at this time of writing.

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carl belew was always one of the greats. he was aheck of a song writer also awonderful singer If he is nopt | Reviewer: anna merrell | 7/17/14

If carl belew is not in the Hall of Fame, he should beAnd also in the song writers hall of fame. If he is not in both, weneed to find a way to make that possible. i wouldn't know how to start something like that, but i'm hopingsome of you ARE SMARTER THAN i AM .iF ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW TO STARTTHAT, PLEASE DO. i CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY HE'S REFERREDTO AS A FORGOTTEN ARTIST

Red White and Blue | Reviewer: Tina | 1/27/14

Bobby Belew:
My uncle recorded a few of your dad's songs with Rosie Records out of Minnesota. I was told that he wrote one my uncle recorded, called Red, White and Blue but am having trouble finding it. My unlce's name is Jerry Byers, who died in 1962, shortly after he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. Any info would be helpful.

overlooked,but great | Reviewer: Dave Johnson | 1/11/14

I enjoy Carl's music and he was a great influence in the history of country music. While I play a 5-string banjo in the Phoenix AZ area, my hobby is traditional country music. Was surprised to learn Carl penned Crystal Chandelier. He must have been a great person to know and hang around with. Long live his memory and great music.

One of the forgotten greats. | Reviewer: Margie Hartman | 4/10/13

Carl Belew should have gotten more recognition. As far as I am concerned, he was at the very top along with the others. I still have and listen to his music. I loved his music and forever will. His voice is so nice and clear and beautiful.

Masquerade party | Reviewer: Frans van Zijst | 1/19/13

I'm from the Netherlands and still loves the music of Carl Belew.
Especially The Masquerade Party, I heard for the first time in the eighties, is still a thrillsekking song. So today I played it again for a couple of times. He's living through his songs.

Carl Belew is my great uncle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/12

To Bobby Belew, Carl Belew's Son: My name is David Belew . Carl Belew is my great uncle. I'm interested in his songs. Could you help me? I am 69 years old and live in Johnston , ou so muchhank yIowa. my email is Thank you for any info you can help me with.

My very dear friend | Reviewer: James Boling | 4/25/11

I met carl and chris in Bartlesville and my sister, Pat and I loved to skip school with Carl and Chris and go swimming. I met Carl later in Wichita, and at his request went to Salina to try to persuade Chris to come away with me, to no avail. there has never been a person with a bigger heart than Carl Belew. Maybe one of his kids will email,gmail me.

The other side of the family | Reviewer: Gary Wallace | 3/14/11

Carl was married to my Aunt Kate. The stories she used to tell of their life together, the famous people they knew and worked with, are precious to me. Carl,s music is simple, from the heart and timeless. I've been told Carl penned the lyrics to Vince Gills hit "Look at Us" there is no doubt in my mind that song is about him and Aunt Kate. Their life is a love story, GARY

Looking for relatives of Carl Belew Jr. | Reviewer: Damon McCoy | 1/30/11

Sorry that this is not a review, but Carl was my father's cousin, Willis McCoy, on his mother's side, Agnes (Belew) McCoy. I find very few sites on Carl and would like to know if he had any children. If so, they would be my cousins and I would love to fing out more about them. Thank you for this venue to research this.

Damon McCoy

Great singer | Reviewer: Delores Ayers | 1/14/11

I had the plearure of meeting Carl Belew in 1962 at the DJ convention in Nashville when I was trying to break into the music business. He was one of the best singers and songwriters of all time..I'm saddened to learn that he passed away.I had not heard about it until just now when I was wondering about him and decided to google..Thanks for the great music ,Carl!!!!!

Vickie Rogers | Reviewer: Vickie | 10/23/10

I always loved Carl Belew. My father played lead guitar for my band and I remember His Carl Belew records. We listened to him quite a bit back then. I wish I had them. Carl Belew was one of the best vocalist I've ever heard in Country music. My Favorite song being "Am I That East To Forget" I have that one downloaded to my pc. He was certainly not given the credit he deserved. Vickie

A big fan of carl belew | Reviewer: darrell murray | 9/10/10

I was in cuba in 1963 and bought Carls album lonely street I wore that album out. loved every song on it I always thought I would get a chance to meet him since I live in ok but never did. Just wanted to tell him how much his music meant to me. I have most of his albums and listen to them all the time. I think he was one of the great ballad singers of all time.

One of the "Greats". | Reviewer: Jeff Peckham | 8/30/10

I'm a country singer/songwriter from Liverpool, England and I have had an LP of Carl Belew for many years which I treasure. He is one of my early influences into country music, what a great artist, love his singing and his songs. We should be hearing alot more of this great talent.
Regards to Bobby and your family.

one hell of a songwriter! | Reviewer: fred vincent | 1/30/10

we had an old seaburg jukebox in our cafe in mississippi,i must have beeb 12 years old when i discovered carl belew and his music! carl never got the full credit he deserved,he was one of the best! i miss you carl!wish i could meet you bobby! fred

The man who brought me in USA | Reviewer: Gantcho Motchev | 11/8/09

I was born in Bulgaria.Since 1965 like a teenager I started to listen I dont know why country music.It was very difficult because of "metal curtain".But God's wayes are unpredictable.Now I have no explanation how the LP records with country music that we ordered were coming in Bulgaria.Carl Belew was closest to me with the similar way to write the familly name first, later his warm,natural,human voice moved me to come in USA and to listen everything my heart's wanted.I saw personally many of the greatest country singers here in USA but my regret is that I came late to see him personally.Now I collected all of his LP records and I have every song he ever sang.God bless him and I am grateful for what he did.

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