Carcass Lyrics

Origin: England
Status: Disbanded

One of the standout grindcore/death metal bands of the end
of 80's, Carcass gained notoriety for their liberal use of
medical terms in their lyrics and song titles (in fact, it
was reported by reliable sources that the band members were
med students, which wasn't true). Necroticism and Heartwork
are most frequently considered the band's best work,
delivering brutal death metal with a high degree of
musicianship. The band ended on a down note, however, with
the release of Swansong -- the move to a More...

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Reviews about Carcass songs

infuential | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore) performed by Carcass

ah classic goregrind carcass... I see this album as up there with such albums as venom's Black Metal, Possessed's Seven Churches in terms of influence to it's respective genres(grindcore, black metal, death metal). The only bad thing about it is the production quality which is just destroyed by the engineer. It's so bad that you can hardly hear any actual riffs. this album's engineer should have been shot for such irreverance.

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