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Nothing Rhymes With Woman


Some bands insist on dragging listeners into their
world, but Carbon Leaf works towards a more admirable and
considerably more difficult goal – that of letting perfect
strangers feel that the band understands their world. The
band succeeds in doing just that -- and in creating a
soundtrack suitable for multiple worlds -- on its third
Vanguard release, Nothing Rhymes With Woman.
“For me, this is an album that’s focused on growth
and maturity, but it’s not deadly serious,” says front More...

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Review about Carbon Leaf songs
Audiences will love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She's Gone (...For Good This Time) performed by Carbon Leaf

This is a typical, upbeat Carbon Leaf audience participation song. It's very addicting to listen to, to want to learn the lyrics to and then sing along with. Then when you get to the chorus, I can see Barry now, holding the microphone out for the audience to shout "YES!" and then "YUP!" Can hardly wait for the next concert (July 2013) to see if I'm right!

Peaceful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Changeless performed by Carbon Leaf

This song represents all of those that we hold close to us, either in life or in death. Cherish those with unconditional love...for you never know when those moments will become memories just like the song says..."Otherwise with no heart to recall...
A memory's just a memory after all."

War was in color | Reviewer: Howie
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

Just stumbled upon this song tonight. Didn't know it was in the Carbon Leaf library. Beautiful song sung perfectly by the band.

My 92 year old grandfather, WWII vet, doesn't speak much of the war, especially the liberation of the concentration camps. I'm afraid the war was and is very much still in color for him. | Reviewer: Stephen
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

i just bought the CD this was on at a dollar store. this song made the whole CD worthwile. although the other songs are great too, the songs that put a lump in your throat are the ones that are never forgotten, and those dont come around very often.

The War Was In Color | Reviewer: Jimmy
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

I've watched and followed Carbon Leaf for years now, since they played festivals and shows in theirs and my hometown of Richmond, VA. I saw the band live tonight in Charlotte, NC, and I can tell you, I was visibly shaken listening to and singing the words to this song. My grandfather served in WWII and it reminds me of him, but it also makes me think of the cost of war whenever I hear it. After the song tonight, a gentleman came up to me and asked if I was okay b/c he saw how deeply it affected me, and he told me it touched him, too, bc his father served in ww2 and he served in vietnam. I've never had any military service, but the lyrics are so beautiful and vivid, that they certainly touch you. I also had the opportunity to meet the band after this show and tell them how much I love their music. I recommend anyone to see one of their live shows - a ton of fun - and if you are fortunate enough to hear this song life, get out your kleenex!

Wow | Reviewer: Jason
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

I just randomly found this song in my own personal collection of music. I have always liked Carbon Leaf, but I didn't know they had this.
My Grandfather was in WWII, my Father was in Vietnam, and I was in Iraq (with the Army, Air Force, and Marines respectively) and this song... there are no words for how deeply this has touched me.

Chills | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

This song sends shivers down your spine. I saw Carbon Leaf in Baltimore this past summer and they were amazing!!! I plan to see them in a couple weeks when they come thru to Hagerstown. I surely hope that these guys get more nationwide playtime. They are talented musicians - I went out and bought every album they had so far and cannot wait for further releases.

Such a great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The War Was In Color performed by Carbon Leaf

I actually wasn't familiar with this song before I had the opportunity to see them live in Baltimore this summer. Needless to say, it blew me away. Their songs connect to so many people, even if it's not the standard type of music you listen to, there's something you can relate to.

Inspirational and Comforting | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Let Your Troubles Roll By performed by Carbon Leaf

I first heard this song after the band was recommended to me by a classmate when I was experiencing a particularly difficult time in college. She was already a devoted Carbon Leaf fan, but she related their music to me when my relationship with my roommate was verbally and mentally abusive. Later that school year, my father passed away and I found so much comfort and relief in listening to their album "Indian Summer." Lyrically and melodically, I find their music beautiful, passionate, unique and endearing (among other descriptors). Thank you for your devotion to your has aided me and I am sure countless others, too!

CHANGELESS | Reviewer: Courtney!
    ------ About the song Changeless performed by Carbon Leaf

when i first heard this song i thought it was going to be stupid because it was a graduation song and my school doesnt pick out the best songs. but as i started hearing it more and more i started to cry and now that this year is coming to an end i can barely listen to this song. its to sad for me because everything it says, all the words...they are true and i try not to admitt it but that only makes it harder for me. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG!! <33

:( its so sad. stay close and hang on to your friends. you never know what you are going to miss until its taken away from you

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