Capture The Crown Albums

  • Reign Of Terror Album (8/5/2014)
    Reign Of Terror
    To Whom It May Concern
    I Hate You
    Oxy Sunrise
    Beating The Blade
    Make War, Not Love

  • 'Til Death Album (12/18/2012)
    The Arrival
    Fork Tongued
    Ladies & Gentlemen... I Give You Hell
    You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife!
    Storm In A Teacup
    Help Me To Help You
    Deja Vu
    'Til Death
    The Departed 2.0
    Bonus Track
    Welcome To My Worlds

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    Reviews about Capture The Crown albums
    I LOVED IT | Reviewer: RachelLynn
        ------ About the album 'Til Death performed by Capture The Crown

    I loved every song! I rarely like every song but they are really awesome. They sound a lot like Asking Alexandria but with their own twist. Basically if you like Asking Alexandria you will like them. I LOVE the lyrics. As a BVB girl, I focus a lot on the lyrics and these are filled with meaning and a story which makes them 10 times better. Definitely I recommend people check them out

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