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Tomahawk Capt. Midnight Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2008 11:00:00 AM

Wake up
Our past stops right now
I see light
Must be you
Watch and learn
Burning it blue
Blood boiling
In slow motion
Only shines
Don't be afraid
Are you surprised?
I'm stayin' alive, I spit in your eye, Drive a stake in you
Take me away, take me away
I gave you the world, it was all for you
But I'm sick and tired of wasting time, I want mine
Take me away, take me away
I gave you the world, it was all for you
Stinkin' lies, stinkin' lies, stinkin' lies
We'll die, tryin' to live so long
I can wait
And I should
Leave the phone off the hook
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid

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Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/2008

This just blew my mind when I first heard it. I was playing the Darkness and got to the credits, then is great song came and just flowed with the credits, and with the entire storyline. I really wish other people will notice songs like this as well as bands. You may not know them that well, but there are just as awe-inspiring as any other famous or unfamous band. Kudos to Tomahawk.

patton rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/2008

this is my favorite tomahawk song, very ominous and dreery. the explosion of the chorus is awe inspiring, and the abrupt ending without another hook leaves the listener shocked, but in a good way (even though i could listen to 'stinkin lies, stinkin LIES, stinkin LIIIIIES' all day).

been a fan of patton since i saw Bungle live at Sno-core in '99 with incubus and SoaD. it was an eye opening experience for a then 17 year old!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/2007

awesome I wish this band was more popular this song was in the credits of the video game The Darkness, as Mike Patton is the singer for Tomahawk as well (and did the voice of The Darkness in the game)