Cannibal Corpse Lyrics

From Buffalo, New York comes a death metal monster that has
yet to be tamed: Cannibal Corpse. Comprised of George
‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher, Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz,
Jack Owen, and Pat O’Brien, the quintet has been ravaging
the landscape with picturesque stories of death and many
processes by which death can be achieved. At first glance,
it seems morbid and repulsive. Ironically, that is just
what Cannibal Corpse has aimed for since its birth.

Beginning in 1989, Cannibal Corpse was formed from the
remnants of three local Buffalo More...

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Review about Cannibal Corpse songs
Go to church | Reviewer: Keenan
    ------ About the song I Cum Blood performed by Cannibal Corpse

What the actual fucking shit was that,maggot filled asshole,this is your poetry yeah? What if someone tongued your grandmothers dead anus because they were "inspired" by this "god" band? Holy mother of God.

OH PLEEEZE.........!! | Reviewer: Yuimetal
    ------ About the song Necropedophile performed by Cannibal Corpse

One thing is cannot understand these lyrics by just listening to the is more like a groaning sustain scream that arises from the depths of the human psyche.
I believe everyone of us has a deep, dark primal need to overpower and take what we want from others, unlike the child in "The Bad Seed" most of us have a conscience which is an artificial construct of society.
While on the surface, these lyrics are horrible, that is just what artistic-genius use the most radical imagery to rattle the pseudo moral foundations of society. What better motif than the defiling of a child, and even more horrific, a dead child.
It is only those with knee-jerk reactions brought about by obviously low IQs that do not "see" the truth behind the song, and only dwell on the surface imagery. monstrous as the narrator of the song seems to be, and as revolting as his deeds are, as the lesser of two evils, I would surely prefer a dead child's corpse being defiled, than a living child's...

Yet somehow, while watching the news, we become tone deaf to the actuality of REAL children being abducted, killed, and/or raped, and eat our lunch while casually remarking "oh how sad" when 20 innocent 1st graders get their faced blown off in their classrooms, and then go about our business, we take time to comment on a song! And that is the point...the song is there to wake you up out of your little stupendous bubble lives, and get down deep in the slimy, wet p;it of reality...

NOW do you see it's genius??

BTW: As a counter balance to the Western sensibilities, a new metal band in Japan has just recently come on the scene called "BABYMETAL" How about 3 little "dead" girls singing death metal with a fantastic metal band backing an interview that you can watch on youtube, they say their favorite metal band is........Cannibal Corpse!!!! guessed, their favorite song is NBecropedophile!!!

Ganbatte ne!!!

what a great fucking song!!! | Reviewer: Canibal Corpse= awesomness
    ------ About the song Hammer Smashed Face performed by Cannibal Corpse

haha Im twelve years old and have no idea how to write a review :) All i know is Cannibal Corpse are one of the greatest bands in the WORLD and i fucking love this song (espicially the lyrics :)

CC Epic! | Reviewer: ViralPanda
    ------ About the song I Cum Blood performed by Cannibal Corpse

I love that this offends people. That people actually take it serious enough to be so emotionally affected that they have to rant on here about how much they hate it and it offends them. It is hilarious, fucking losers.

For who listens | Reviewer: Aniruddha
    ------ About the song I Cum Blood performed by Cannibal Corpse

See people, this song is not meant for the hypocrites, the song lyrics go impeccably well with music, Cannibal corpse is a band with immense talent, just join their live pit and I am sure you will know why people automatically enter the pit when they perform. The vocals are so difficult to pertain live, those who think this is bad then just don't even give it a try, all you people do is with your stupid curiosity, you all already know that they are the sort of band which is brutal with all explicit lyrics, then why even give it a try? You all like it, it's just that you people don't want to admit, because you like pop and hip-hop rubbish more than this.

um99 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hammer Smashed Face performed by Cannibal Corpse

The riff is the best ever, Pat O'Brien and Jack Owen are Gods. Dont take the lyrics seriously, its just like what you'd pay to see in a horror movie and theres no complaining when things like this happen in them. Its entertainment.

Raped By a Female ! | Reviewer: Fahim
    ------ About the song Raped By The Beast performed by Cannibal Corpse

Wow, a real scary concept ! A female was ressurected by evil spririts, then she raped a man to become a mother and give birth to monsters ! Maybe I should make this a One-Shot Horror story, while half of the credit will go to Cannibal Corpse !
This is why I love Cannibal Corpse, despite the fact that I am a Bangladeshi Muslim !

Quit nagging | Reviewer: MetalJewel
    ------ About the song Necropedophile performed by Cannibal Corpse

Well, first of all, this is death metal, and second of all, the lyrics represent a story. There are Necropedophiles in this sick world, but just because CC sings about them doesn't mean they support it. In my opinion its more to create awareness that there are in fact sick people on this earth. And CC are musical geniuses for pushing the envelope this far. Boldly going as far as very little bands dare to go. That's what makes it so brilliant. It pushes people's buttons and forces you to think. Yes its a sensitive subject and all, and let me tell you the lyrics made me sick to the stomach and I puked right after, but that's exactly the reaction this song was meant to provoke. For me I think the whole song is awesome. Metal is supposed to expose you to the real world and the truth of this sick world we live in. If you want to forever live in your bubble of ignorance, go ahead. If you don't like the lyrical content, please leave. :) thank you.

father | Reviewer: chris murphy
    ------ About the song A Skull Full Of Maggots performed by Cannibal Corpse

when i got this album ... yes album back when i was twelve it changed my life for lack of a better word.and having Glen Benton guest spot singing "Maggots" in the chourus was a nice touch too

A song about any famous evil person that met their deserved demise. | Reviewer: Despondencymusic
    ------ About the song Festering In The Crypt performed by Cannibal Corpse

Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, John Wayne Gacy, etc. Just to name a few. One of my favorite Cannibal Corpse songs. A simple but extremely powerful and ominous melody. These songs are awesome because anyone who has reservations about death metal, can relate to the subject matter therein. No one in their right mind would be sad that these folks met their doom. \m/

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