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Lil' Flip Candycars Lyrics

Last updated: 06/17/2002 08:57:16 PM

Man we ridin candycars eating candybars naw i ain't locked up behind bars man
this is lil flip of the screwed up click i'm the coe yeah yall still come to
see me flow i shine so hard i glow in the dark. my momma say damn boy it look
like you got a star in yo mouth well momma that's apart of being down south.
yall still mad? well i feeling kinda glad. records going gold and platium. man
i'm tatlented i got skillz that bet ain't even seen yet i got a grill that damn
near cost a mil. houston texas is where i live. but every body know in houston
candycars be our style

that's all i wanted to write lil flip i might help ya soon then holla at me and
i write you and hole new album i got killz to dogg. lil bebe
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