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A band that have got their own chapter in The National
Encyclopedia of Doom. Candlemass released the first
masterpiece of misery in 1986 with the classic “Epicus
Doomicus Metallicus”, and from that moment we judge
heavieness with new sad eyes. If you would drop an anvil
from the top of the Empire state building you understand
just how heavy this band is. Darkness isn’t dark enough and
massive sucidal thoughts ooze out of a record with the
weight of a black hole. In 1987 the follow-up ”Nightfall”
was released and Candlemass were More...

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Review about Candlemass songs
Eerie | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Bewitched performed by Candlemass

Eerie yet excellent song, Candlemass at their most excellent, messiah marcolin's spooky lyrics excellent. Also with the music video watch out for a cameo from Mayhem's Dead (Per ohlin). Doom metal at it's best.

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