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Candlebox is a Seattle-based band that formed in December
1991, with bassist Bardi Martin, guitarist Peter Klett,
vocalist/guitarist Kevin Martin (not related to Bardi), and
drummer Scott Mercado. They took their name from a line of
the Midnight Oil song, "Tin Legs and Tin Mines." The line
was "boxed in like candles." In 1992, they recorded their
first demo, which they raised money for by selling most of
their stuff.

They went on to perform private shows for record labels and
in 1993, they released their first cd, cleverly titled More...

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Review about Candlebox songs
i didnt mean to treat you bad but you left me far behind | Reviewer: ai
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

this song implies a devoted love on someone but unfortunately left yoy for hard reason.despite the strong feelings and desires to claim back the person and the emotions,they were left no choice but to treat each other vaguely since they parted in painful can sense that there's still a desire to go on but the bitter past refrains him from doing so.

i love him more than any words can explain | Reviewer: missing "B"
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

my fiance is in jail right now and he has served 5 months and has a few weeks left and all i can seem to think about is this song. we both met eachother at really terrible painful moments in our lives he had lost his mother a month before and i was at a domestic violence shelter at the time dealing with what seems to be the last 15 years of my life being abused and it seemed that when we started seeing eachother that we both had a reason to get up in the morning and rush as fast as we could to see eachother. it was like the only thing to look forward to in our day, was to wake up, call one another, and find out when we were going to meet up. we had reason to keep going, but over the months things got rough, we started taking our anger, hurt, confusion, and hate out on eachother instead of communicating and finding resources to help both of us through our situations, being they were so different. all i can remember is the day he let me borrow the candlebox cd making sure i didnt mess is up because his mom gave it to him and then i heard far behind.... it made me cry reminding me of the people who said they cared but they didnt and it just feels like you just keep waiting for that someone but they never come and for i thought... i love my fiance with every bit of my being, and everyday i pray that we can spend that day together when we have a party for our 50th anniversary. i want us to live and die like the movie notebook. when your heart dies, and the love of your life is gone, the body just gives up and has no more left to keep going without the one that there heart beats for, there one true love, and when i say i cant live with out you bruce tabler, i mean that with all my heart, and if you even know how deep my love is for you, if you died tomorrow, my heart and soul would die too, and then me. i cant live with out my love, and i will never hurt you again.
love your wife danielle mannix

Crying | Reviewer: dj
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

I sit at home crying tonight. My husband is bi-polar and a drug addict and alcoholic. He has been fine for a couple of years now, but he disappeared for two nights a few weeks ago. I did fogive him for the last time, or so I thought. He has now been missing for two days. Some people think that he is cheating, but he is not.He is sitting in a parking lot somewhere getting high and drinking. That's what addicts do. I sit here hating him for doing this to his family, but I am also upset as I love him. I wonder if i will see him again. He tried to take his life before. He may not come back, but at the same time, I get so upset that I do not want him back. My mind keeps racing. I am so confused over what to do with him. This song helps me try to understand, but gosh, it is hard when you are supporting somebody, so they can work and spend their pay drugs. It is hard when this person is your soul mate. God Bless anybody in my shoes, and I know that there are many of you out there at both ends of the rope.

So true when someone cares about can't see | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

Excellent song ....

And the Lyrics can actually explain how difficult it can be to deal with someone who has an addiction . the reference to "friends" within the song I find quite Ironic , and think is the actual purpose . Making "you feel" so bad , is I think a normal feeling for someone who yells and screams at someone to wake up and see what is going on to try and revert them to the someone you remembering them to be . The suffereing portion I can also see , as most people who are addicted to drugs suffer from some sort pain .

The pain that is most potent is the pain that is suffered from all involved , husband , wife , child , mother , father , brother , sister etc.

Being left behind in my case is not a case of losing my spouse in life , but , in spirit . My spouses "friends " are no more than enablers and drug traders than "friends "

My explaination of a "friend" , and the interpretation of it by my spouse is quite different .

This have never been clear ..... the lyrics in this song I think show how
a persons perception of "friend" can be very misunderstood , and , in the end does not mean "friend " .

I couldn't share the pain | Reviewer: Matthew
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

My counselor told me that I never tell her about the pain within me after I told her I was facing suicide. I sent her an email today telling her of my plans for committing suicide. She called and we set an appointment for tomorrow. I wrote in my journal for 3 hours after I hung up and got it all straightened out in my head of what I am going to say. Tomorrow I share the pain.

Death | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

I jus turned 23 but at age 14 I was already in love or thought it was love. Drugs had already taken my life over even at that age. Yes Meth being my main drug. My love was jus as worse as me. A lot of things happend and changed in a year. Things that scare me today. Things no one should ever have to go through. My Love left my life at that time by committing suicide. Have of it was my fault.

yesterday i heard this song | Reviewer: The Living Dead
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

It's been awhile. 2 kids who knew each other took their own lives last week, why? I'm jealous that I don't have the strength to do the same. This song speaks to me and everyone who has thought about it, tried it or lost a loved one to it.

Far Behind | Reviewer: stacey
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

My husband lost his brother to suicide, and he said he was broken, and then he became depressed and I almost lost him. I loved this song when I was younger and it means so much more now all these years later.

the one who is left behind | Reviewer: wendy
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

my brother committed suicide 5 years ago and althouh i had heard this song plenty before i still never knew what it was really meant to say.till i played it over & over again one day and as i learnt more of the lyrics the more i become obsessed with it.anyone who knows the real meaning knows that it is a song that expresses his fellings to his deseased bro whom also took his own life. this song helped me so much during the hardest times of my greaving that i feel that its not just a coincidence of how and when it caught my attention.i dedicate these words to my late baby brother(primo)this is every word down to the tee,that i would say to him if i had one chance to tell him how i fel about his leaving me far still angry but will never forget you.i love you bro.always & forever.sis

far behind by candle box | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Far Behind performed by Candlebox

as i have kept on listening over and over (the song) i just can't help but cry because of the thought that yes someone had left me far behind just a week ago...and can't imagine how could he do that to me...i thought that he is the one that i can lean on i can trust my emotions my ideas in this life...and then this problem arise and i got myself in a darkened room crying for he said that it was never ment for us...

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