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Alex Story of CancerslugCancerslug is a modern
deathrock/horror punk band from Decatur, Alabama. It is the
musical project of singer/songwriter Alex Story, who formed
the band in 1999. Musically, they range from short and
catchy pop melodies to heavy and dark experimental works.
They have been called "the crudest, rudest, most vile band
in America" by Rue Morgue Magazine. Their lyrics are often
described as being very misanthropic and sometimes
misogynist. Here is a More...

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Review about Cancerslug songs
stitches | Reviewer: DG
    ------ About the song Making Bitches Need Stitches performed by Cancerslug

Spitting the sicked venom out ur tongue the chrome hit ur dope learning is the knowed of the code disposs sicked fingers on the way no time to renoble remedies. Of the game in the wicked city i said bitches not a female fool dont loose dignity n respect, at the end carring inthe dark. Killin there mind theyll carry in lonely lifes

thanks, not bad. | Reviewer: ayssa hernandez
    ------ About the song I Love Pain performed by Cancerslug

these lyrics are okay, just a few extra words in the that make the song sound more proper than it really does. Haha alex ztory's not exactly a proper guys so it's just weird, but for this song i've seen a lot worse lyrics. Whoever wrote those has got to be a complete moron. Really. So thanks again to the person that put these up:) - the horrorqueen

stands at the edge | Reviewer: Britta
    ------ About the song My Black Angel performed by Cancerslug

she stands at the edge of the world screaming "death was never free"
but i know that my black angel is waiting for me
she breaks through the darkness with everything that she hates
kisses me now and dont hesitate
she will be more than you could ever take
staring her pain in the face
and accepting its grace
she will call it by name, while embracing it
she waits for the end of the world screaming "death was never free"
but i know my black angel is waiting for me

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