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Cancerslug Biography

Last updated: 04/19/2012 12:00:00 PM

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Alex Story of CancerslugCancerslug is a modern deathrock/horror punk band from Decatur, Alabama. It is the musical project of singer/songwriter Alex Story, who formed the band in 1999. Musically, they range from short and catchy pop melodies to heavy and dark experimental works. They have been called "the crudest, rudest, most vile band in America" by Rue Morgue Magazine. Their lyrics are often described as being very misanthropic and sometimes misogynist. Here is a typical example from a song entitled Retro-abortion: "I wish I could have torn your mother's cunt apart and brought you out of her before you were born".

The band often goes through line up changes, with Alex Story being the only constant. It's currently: Alex (vocals), Kathy (bass), Kyle (guitar), Tim (guitar), Russ (guitar), & Ridley (drums). On average they release an album every 6 months, and have given every song they've recorded away for free online. Some of their influences include Glenn Danzig, Guitar Wolf, The Cramps, The Damned, The Dwarves, & GG Allin. Much of Cancerslug's early album artwork was by Robert Bisi, and the later artwork by Rob Villareal of Ravenous Media. Cancerslug performed at Drop Dead Festival in 2003. They recently released Book of Rats and will be releasing a new CD entitled Fuck You, From Hell as well as a DVD of live footage soon.