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Murs Can it be (Half a Million Dollars and 18 Months Later) Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2009 12:00:00 PM

It’s been two years man ... of of of waiting man
From my supporters and my fans man I know y'all been waitin
now it’s finally here and thank you for your patience
the world’s gone crazy since we last spoke
bloodshed and war the absence of hope
shootin at the school economy's a joke
Homies on heroin homies on coke
but can you even blame them when they only tryin to cope ?

All these rappers want to talk about is guns and dope
don’t they realize we all at the end of our rope
the future all depends on the power of our quotes
the power of a pen the power of a vote
the power of your words the power of your voice
the power of America is the freedom of choice
we choose to do nothing we're losing we're suffering

Can it be that its time to do something
its not socialism its not Communism
its lovin each other realize there’s no difference
its positive movement gradual improvement
when no one else does believe you can do it
My heart is a speaker I bleep this music
the beats in my blood I must transfuse it
if it wasn’t for this then I just might lose it damn

My goddaughters, Nadia Simone, Diana knowin that our father never comin home
claimed by the streets, victim of the warzone
tears in my eyes as I’m writin this song
mommy workin 2 jobs tryin to do it on her own
no matter where I go or how far I roam know that I love you
and you’ll never be alone
damn y’all so grown

And a wise man old me man like life
is like a table full of like glasses of water
and your job is to keep them all full
you know what I'm sayin
so everyone’s happy but at the same time
you got to keep your pitcher full of water
so you can fill everybody else up
and it’s like damn

From the independent hip hop scene
now they talkin like I’m not a hip hop fiend
needle in my arm cant they see I’m ODing
(you’ve never take the strike from this triple ogin)
I blaze trails, created festivals
lost 50 g's on paid dues is that acceptable?
what I’m not down for the cause
hold on mike I’ma need a few bars
I could’ve done like Nas and screamed hip hop is dead
I got up on my ass and I did somethin instead
signed with the devil brought the scene up a level
killed the beast from within I’m a born again rebel
tryin to save the youth from the way of the gun
and if I only save one then my job is done
so you can say what you will
but you should judge me (none)

From my god from my faith as I move place to place
times I thought if I could just die i'd be great
drop on the spot man I didn’t even care
I stopped talkin to you I stopped sayin prayers
numb from the liquor and the anti-depressants
pressure from the label studio stressin
almost lost my passion to pursue this profession

From myself from my soul when I’m out on the road
I give so much shout to these kids I don’t know
I thought I lost you with no one to talk to
but you’re the one that opened up these doors that I walk through
I can’t fault you only forgive you
I’m the only one that seen the pain you have been through
the drama the struggle that built all your issues

The drama the struggle that built all these issues
It’s all just to make sure that they never forget you
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