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Love Is Red Can I Trust You Again Lyrics

Last updated: 12/02/2003 07:23:55 PM

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can I hold this moment
because I'm so scared of what the future holds
trusting seems to be the hardest thing to do
I pray my feelings won't run away with this
when we see each other again
will you trust it this time
will you trust me this time

so I wait for this to complete
and I'll try to have faith that you are coming back to me

hold my hand; we don't have to talk
if you want to leave, please just kiss my cheek
because the air tonight is lovely
and I won't forget your face in the moonlight

will you think of me or am I burden in your life
can you look into these eyes and see the pain I feel inside
I am so weak in this state
nothing I do gives me the strength
my hands are reaching for the sky
the beauty that comes from above
will blanket and comfort me

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