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Senses Fail Can't Be Saved Lyrics

Last updated: 02/03/2013 04:29:37 PM

Follow your bliss
It reads on my chest
I know I got it tattooed for a reason
Why can't I just hold it true?

'Cause I'm still crashing all the funerals
Of these people that I never knew (yeah)

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
And some day I will wake up
And realize I made up everything

I shut the door and turn all the lights out
And listen to all the songs that the night shouts
They go something just like this

Go fill up a glass with tonic rocks and gin
And drink yourself to happiness

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
And some day I will wake up
And realize I made up everything

We can all hang ourselves
From gold chandeliers
And drink good bye to all
All the pain and fears
Loose lips have sunk this ship
To a shallow grave
Washed up upon the rocks

I won't be saved
I won't be saved

I'm stuck in a coma
Stuck in a never ending sleep
Some day I will wake up
And realize I gave up everything

So follow your bliss, it reads on my chest
(I won't be saved)
I know i got it tattooed for a reason
(I won't be saved)
I shut the door and turn all the lights out
(I won't be saved)
And listen to all the songs that the night shouts
(I won't be saved)

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what the actual fuck | Reviewer: jus tanother senses fail fan | 1/31/13

cmon, are all of you freaking serious? i don't get on the internet expecting to see fucking five year olds arguing over a song. who gives a damn what was behind the video or the actual song? i think this song great, and senses fail is an amazing band. to all of you who are arguing just to argue, stuff it. there's one thing we all have in common here and its that we all love senses fail. it shouldn't really matter what personal beliefs we have. i myself am a christian, but i don't plaster every god damn place. if you believe, that's great. if not, that's alright too. we all as humans have the right to live how we want to. so, quit the bullshit arguing and get along LIKE ADULTS. i wish no ill to anyone. well, that's all i had to say

my two cents | Reviewer: drew | 1/4/13

Although I do not know what this song litterally means I related it to my own life. I feel like it might have something to do with depression, alcoholism, and contemplating suicide. Also about going through life without any meaning. Whether you are stuck in the work and life cycle (comatose) or just by staying in your room with all the lights out listening to senses fail with a 26oz of jd because you are depressed. Lol

Mike doesn't suck! You guys are so stupid | Reviewer: Brittani sucks | 6/14/12

Ok course mike takes the bible literally, every true Christian does! And if you feel offended then im sorry but it's true! Second of all, the bible says, as a commandment, do not be sexually immoral, and I'm sorry all of the stupid gay guys there are, but being gay is being sexually immoral and if you defend that point then you will go to hell because you won't have asked God into your heart! Oh and to anybody that loves swearing at Christians I'm probably never coming back for the reviews so if you want to swear, might as well do it where people will actually listen! Oh and Mike dont take what they say personally!

Mhmmm | Reviewer: Dr.Dr.Givemethenews | 3/28/12

I believe this song is about being yourself and not trying to go along with society. If you're a drunk, be a drunk. If you're gay, live it up. Do what makes you happy and be who you want to be.

I dunno. | Reviewer: Dinh | 8/15/11

I would easily believe its about gays and whatnot, but crashing funerals is what drunks do. Not to mention, he brought up drinking a lot of times in the song. Besides, since when do the videos have anything to do with the song nowadays? haha

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

seriously, all you people flipping out on this mike guy, whoever the hell he is are funny. Odds are he wrote whatever it was just to get a response, and all you've all done was feed the troll. Congrats. Even if he meant every word of it, do you honestly thinking throwing fuel on the fire helps? Only if you want a bigger fire.

Carry on my wayward sons.

crazy awsome song terrible reveiws | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/11

ok so I know what u said abou the video but hey this is for reveiwing the amazing song not the video if you want to put your input in about the video do it somewhere were the video is the video isnt even on this site for crying out loud and once agein do not put religous input here because we r reveiwing the song not religion if you want to make a stinking website about religon here is a list of good titles lets all fight about religion taking the bible to seriously or even terrible reveiws about relion K Im just trying look at some reveiws I mean really

Awesome song | Reviewer: Emma | 3/18/11

The songs actually about someone who has an alcohol addiction. The video is just another interpretation of the song. Secondly, what's wrong with being gay? Just because you like people of the same sex as you doesnt make you any different of a person.

lovely song((: | Reviewer: Lindseyyy | 1/14/11

I love this songs it's one of my favorites.
And hey not all Christians hate gays. :\ I mean God gives people the right to choose their paths. If people choose to be happy with the same sex, it doesn't make it right for people who don't know them, to judge that person. I think it's insane. People are entitled to their opinions but when it gets to the point of people arguing online it gets under my skin.

Let people be for corn sake.

really guys? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/11

i dont see a reason to ague about the meaning of a song. everyone has there opinion if i said what i was thinking i would try and related it to me or a time i have felt that goes great with this song. unless you are the band them selfs or the singer him self you guys dont know shit. a music video is a music video it doesn't
have to do anything with a song

You guys are wrong | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/11/11

This song is not about being gay. If you watch the video, you will see that two guys are with their girlfriends, and one guy tries to kiss her, and he fails. Then, the other guy, who is his friend, takes him off into a corner to show him how. This song is NOT about being gay, and if you watched the video, the video makes it so obvious that you'd be an idiot to not figure it out.

Hope to Even the Odds | Reviewer: A Different Michael | 1/3/11

First of all, I am not the same Mike that so many people seem to be complaining about, though I am tempted to go back and see what he said to cause such an uproar. The guys kissing I'm pretty sure is how the director took the song and the guys of Senses Fail went with it, not it's actual meaning.

Also, I'm a Christian too, albeit currently struggiling. I've been reading the Bible and find that many of the "Christians" of today aren't truly even Christians. What the Bible teaches, when looked at critically, is a God who told how people were to make it if they were perfect to show it to them that they never could, then provided an escape through a self-sacrifice through Jesus. He covers our mistakes, and that's not how many Christians live today. Even if people are wrong in the actions they do, if they aren't a believer and do it, then that's up to them, it doesn't really change how I think about them. If someone wears the badge Christian, says not to do something then does it though, then I have a problem. Of course, I've got to watch myself on it too.

The Bible talks about things that have happened and how life used to be for Israel (the old testament, including the ten commandments and all those other things) and then the New Covnenant, the new testament. We aren't meant to follow the old at all. It says so right in the Bible. So if we read it, we've got to make sure we know what we're reading. God isn't like "Oh I want to send everyone to hell." He just lets you choose. Hell was never made for people, but God's like "I love you enough to let you choose." Hypothetically speaking, if God was real and was a purely good God, choosing NOT to be with him would be choosing everything that's "bad" which would be hell. It has to be hell because he's going to destroy the Earth because it's the devil's play ground, essentially (that's whats going on in Revelation). Hope that helps, and I know I'll probably be bashed for this myself, but if you guys want to know more, I'd love to talk with ya.

This is a truly great song by the way though, and I personally really connect to it. Senses fail is great!

Really Mike? | Reviewer: Bree. | 12/19/10

Okay, really? This is why I dislike most Christians. They are gay-hating, racist, hypocritical assholes. The Bible is just a book of nonsense. I'm Atheist, and even if I thought there was a god, I don't think he would be like how all you "Christians" are. So stop acting like you know every damn thing. People are people. Stop preaching your bullshit, and get over it. Who cares if the videos shows two guys kissing? It's not the end of the world, and it isn't wrong. It's actually a good message. Very nice song. I love this band.

uhhh.. | Reviewer: Dakota | 12/13/10

This song is about being gay, and hiding it from everyone.. "I'm stuck in a coma, stuck in a never ending sleep".
The person hopes that one day they can accept it themselves and so will their peers. "One day i will wake up and realize i made up everything"
duh.. thats why the video has guys making out, because the main person had a crush on the other guy throughout the whole thing.

Great Band, Great Song, Fuck Mike | Reviewer: Brittani | 9/24/10

hahahahahahaha everyone else is hating on Mike, why can't i?

Mike, your opinion differs from everyone, and i admire you for stating it. But its bullshit. Along with Christianity. Fuck people like you. Maybe people would believe in God more if there were less hardcore christians. People like you ruin religion. :)

Anyone that wants to hate on gays, go fuck yourself with a dildo, preferably in the ass. K? Thanks. :)

I love this song, its one of my top faves of this band.