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Name: Cameron Giles
Age: 23
Height: 6'0
Weight: 205 lbs.
Raised in: Harlem, NYC
Parent: Fredricka Giles (mother), never grew up with his
High School: Manhattan Center of Math & Science
College: Texas (for a year)
Status: Girlfriend, Toy "Queenta Plum" Dawkins
Favorite Sport: Basketball

Cam'Ron from Untertainment/Epic Records, originally
named Cameron Giles. Cam'Ron was born in Harlem, New York
in 1976. He was a big basketball fan and played for
Manhattan Center High School. There he was a Point Guard
with his fellow More...

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Reviews about Cam'ron songs

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hey Lady performed by Cam'ron

I haven't found a page with the right lyrics yet. One of the mistakes on here is--- , and your man he a homo like CHING-A-LING
It's ---- and your man he a homo like jangle leg, jangle leg.

Jangle leg is a homo person in the film LIFE with eddie murphy and martin lawrence. Jangle leg is played by Bernie Mac

wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Curtis performed by Cam'ron

at the end of verse 2 you say Plus you can't be found I'll have you take ya actin' bound but the song really says plus you cant be found i have you taped, gaged, and bound.

terrible | Reviewer: bxlou
    ------ About the song 357 performed by Cam'ron

theres is a retarted amount of mistakes in tha shit jumpin out to act cool? no -jumpin out the ac(ura) coupe

needled to je em drug em out

the best - i got dudes that jiggle with the a`s legal NO

i got dudes that`ll jig you with an aids needle

Dip Bitch Theme Song | Reviewer: Saeykwon
    ------ About the song Hate Me Now Freestyle (nas Diss #1) performed by Cam'ron

Cam'ron please, you don't get money neither
Faggot ass bitchset, ya'll rep incorrect
Ya'll make Harlem look like shit, Frontin when you know you on Nas dick, lookin like a ugly ass satchmo, you a hoe plus a scarecrow lookin nigga. Jim Jones sound like my girl when he rap, like he bout to cry, what the fuck is that? Did he wet his panties or somethin like that? Perhaps No body like your little corny ass joints no more,
You stay dissin niggaz to for attention, I think you need a hug,(Cam'ron's voice)-Where is the love? Thats how you know you soft. Harlem don't even like you, neither does your crew. But they ain't dumb niggaz they got to front so they could get money too. I heard the other day you got a spankin from Jim Jones, He told you to suck his dick, you got on your knees and gave him dome. Come on man, I thought ya'll was supposed to be
BALLIN!!! Nas is a sucker for love, well you a sucker for dick, Nas put in work and you just put his BALLS IN!!! your mouth ahh shit.

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