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Rage Against The Machine Calm Like a Bomb Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 08:55:50 AM

feel the funk blast,
feel the funk blast,
yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo, check it out yo-yo-yo
I be walkin god like a dog
My narrative fearless
Word war returns to burn
Like Baldwin home from Paris, Uh
Like steel from a furnace
I was born landless
Yes its tha native son
Born of Zapatas guns
Stroll through the shanties
And tha cities remains
Same bodies buried hungry
But with different last names
The vultures robbin everything
Leave nothing but chains
Pick a point on the globe
Yes tha pictures tha same
Theres a bank, theres a church, a myth and a hearse
A mall and a loan, a child dead at birth
Theres a widow pig parrot
A rebel to tame
A whitehooded judge
A syringe and a vein
And the riot be the rhyme of the unheard

What ya say? What ya say? What ya say? What? (x4)
Calm like a bomb
(ignite ignite ignite ignite ignite ignite)

This aint subliminal
Feel the critical mass approach horizon
Tha pulse of the condemned
Sound off Americas demise
Tha anti-myth rhythm rock shocker
Yes I spit fire
Hope lies in the smoldering rubble of empires
Yes back through tha shanties and tha cities remains
Same bodies buried hungry, uh-huh
With different last names, uh-huh
The vultures robbin everyone
Leave nothing but chains
Pick a point here at home
Yes the pictures tha same
Theres a field full of slaves
Some corn and some debt
Theres a ditch full of bodies
Tha check for the rent
Theres a tap, tha phone, tha silence of stone
The numb black screen
That be feelin like home
And the riot be the rhyme of the unheard

What ya say? What ya say? What ya say? What?(x4)
Calm like a bomb
(ignite ignite ignite ignite ignite ignite)

There's a mass without roofs
There's a prison to fill
There's a countrys soul that reads post no bills
There's a strike and a line of cops outside of tha mill
There's a right to obey
And a right to kill

There's a mass without roofs
There's a prison to fill
There's a countrys soul that reads post no bills
There's a strike and a line of cops outside of tha mill
There's a right to obey
And a right to kill!

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Rage On Again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/13

It seems the band was becoming the machine. That is what perpetuated their ability to continue the message. Who doesn't like defying authority? For me it is just a reminder to be true to yourself, Many of Zachs assumptions were very inaccurate and became a product to be sold.
Don't let some pinhead boss control you. I didn't.

Ratm sees | Reviewer: Unknown | 8/20/12

Yea if everyon listened to ratm they would see just as ratm fans see...this world is fucked up and all my friends listen to rap and pop and have no idea what the real world is like outside of that. Ratm really teaches everyone about what is important:the world they live in...

its the end of the world as we know it | Reviewer: ahlmann | 1/14/11

too right David, and we continue to support the most greedy, selfish institutions in the world, instead of supporting our fellow man. Trapped in a system that can only lead to our own demise, we only want to eat our fast food in front of our plasma televisions. While all around the world the signs are visible of our coming extinction, we mostly choose to ignore these facts and continue on the path that is chosen.
- population explosion to 9 billion in 2050, when biologists say the planet can only sustain 1 billion
- massive consumption of all earths resources, non-renewables become waste, renewables like fish or lumber are exhausted beyond our ability to replenish
- water is globally privatised and polluted, coca-cola or nestlé pays only a fraction for the same amount of water that a third-world inhabitant pays for
- 25% of species on earth is threatened with extinction
- air pollution
- global epidemics and diseases
- soil erosion
- this will lead to the accepted fact that in 2020 our climate will be irreversibly changed, we will not have the capability if all our money, labour and resources are devoted to it to reverse the effects we have had on nature.
- agents of change are mucked, silenced or killed by our political and economical establishment. They manufacture consent through our media, a propaganda machine, lulling us into consumerism, entertainment distractions, creating a false vision and belief of the world, ignoring and distorting the reality we live in. we have already become an orwellian society.
- there will be inevitable global economic disasters like energy, water and food crises, and with all crises the rich get richer and the poor will suffer. there are already millions of people dieing because of the first signs of these crises.

and the list goes on and on and on and on.....

but hey, look out of your window, turn your tv on, everything appears to be ok, so it must be, go back to bed and sleep in the fire.

The Truth. | Reviewer: David | 11/2/10

I mean lets look at facts; they are called Rage Against The Machine for a reason, its an anger at a system of intolerance that constantly fails the people. Despite our claims that we are an enlightened species; we continue to destroy everything around us and Government is no different. They look out for number one, not the people they are meant to represent. All it creates is chimps in suits with a voice and the majority without a voice. And then when you do get someone standing up to this tyranny they are removed. The System Has Failed.

Rage Against The Machine Is The Shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/09

Wanna know what, Rage Against The Machine Fights social injustice and have basically crafted there own genre. A perfect balance between Rap and Rock. Plus The Matrix & The Matrix Reloaded has songs of during the end credits! How Badass Is That!

Split | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/09

Actually, for all of you people who say that they left the band because of political beliefs, that's now why. They were just falling apart for typical band reasons. Not being able to work together, issues with stuff, I know the bassist rebelling at that one award show made the singer pissed. Stuff that breaks up normal bands basically. Tom Morello talked about how broken the song writing process was in an interview.
But being to political, the reason why I know that's not why is because Tom Morello is just as bad as Zach when it comes to politics. He said, and I quote "I was hoping for Audioslave to be even more political based then Rage Against the Machine." I don't know about the other two members of the band, but no matter what band Tom or Zach is involved in, there will obviously be politics.

:D | Reviewer: Kage of Food | 1/9/09

Man this song is so good...
Its one of these things were you hear a guy shouting out shit that you really don't care about.
but the music itself with the ryhming and tone of voice really makes you get into it.
i'd give this song 5 stars...

***** my speakers don't work, -.-" but i've heard the song before...

For all of you | Reviewer: BlackR7 | 1/6/09

disbelievers, haters, all those who say this band is just ef the media.. your wrong. they are that but like the other guy says its more than that, its capotolism... raceism... those who oppress you for being different and a big fist with a bird flying in the face of it saying SCREW YOU I GO MY OWN WAY! Thats rage... thats stickkin it to da man! YES! go rage.

calm like a bomb | Reviewer: evan | 8/8/08

calm like a bomb is definitely my favorite rage song and i think battle of LA was there best album. but really don't let yourself believe music is media. until this past decade it was art. now most current music is ringtone rap bs that is just used to make money. (don't get me rong rap is cool but all the famous stuff now is 100% concentrated crap like soldier boy)

Media | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I believe RATM were very "Fuck the Media", the media not being how you have described simply as forms of media, but more as those who represent the mass media. The news that bends everything so people will see things their way, the musicians with no soul in their music who make music to get rich and famous and sound like everyone else, the crap on tv (reality tv for example). And all others who use media in a negative way

Unique! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

The song is so great and yeah, it's great that there is bands as RATM!

RATM, bring the message to everyone! :D

RATM nails it | Reviewer: h2opolopunk | 9/16/07

I remember when their first album came out my sophomore year of high school... these guys opened a whole world of thought to me. Easily one of the most influential artists in my life.

Excellent | Reviewer: Rou | 8/25/07

RATM to me are like like one of those bands you can listen to and think "they are soo fuckin right" i mean think of all the people in debt and all the people who cant afford to live all because of the system, the government doesnt do anything worth it it only takes away the money to stay alive...and with bands like rage who have the power to form mosh groups are about the only hope in the world to have our way with "the machine" and although they have split the music lives on and on and continues to open peoples eyes and we can hope that although they are back now that they will stay back!!

------ About the song Calm Like a Bomb performed by Rage Against The Machine | Reviewer: Crimson Ghost | 8/15/07

Too bad the other band members had to quit on Zach de la Rocha .. Their music was so tight, the sound and the message.

re: opinions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

I don't see how they're 'anti-media,'

their music itself is a form of media, and a lot of the inspiration for their work as well, of course.

They're more about opposition to capitalism than anything, and as an extension to that, right-wing media only.