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Anastacia Calling All Angels Lyrics

Last updated: 03/04/2010 10:00:00 AM

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Here I am again, with tears rolling down my face
And I'm searching deep within, will there ever be a change
So much I have left to live
And my whole life's brought me to this moment
The answer's waiting in the wind
If I can believe it...

So I'm calling all angels
I've been lost so long shine a light for me
I'm calling all angels
Help me to be strong now I'm on my knees
Waiting all my life for a chance to find the answer to set me free
It lives within me, I just need to believe
I'm calling all angels

Answered all my prayers and still I can't see the light
I'm filled with so much fear from shadows deep inside
And now I can't afford to wait
Another day feels like an eternity
I will never lose my faith cos it's every part of me


Oh, oh, oh, oh...

If you're out there answer my prayer...
If you're out there answer my prayer...


If you're out there answer my prayer...
If you're out there answer my prayer...

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