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Callenish Circle Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 07:54:25 PM

Line-up (from left to right):
Patrick Savelkoul : Vocals
Gavin Harte : Drums
Ronny Tyssen : Guitar
Rene Rokx : Bass (not on photo)
Remy Dieteren : Guitar

The roots of Callenish Circle go back to the autumn of 1992 when vocalist Patrick Savelkoul and former guitar-player Jos Evers decided to form a Death Metal-band, with which they started playing covers from their favourite bands like Death, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower and (old) Paradise Lost. Some line-up changes followed and it wasn't until early 1994 when the first serious line-up was gathered. From that 1994 line-up Ronny Tijssen (guitars), Gavin Harte (drums) and Patrick Savelkoul (vocals) still form today's core of the band.

The band immediately started writing own material and in 1995 they entered the Beaufort Recording Studio, where they recorded their one and only "Lovelorn-demo". The demo was celebrated by the underground metalscene all over the world and it quickly sold out with 1.000 copies.

With the success of the Lovelorn-demo also several record-companies started showing interest in the young band and early 1996 the band signed up with the also young Dutch metal-label Hammerheart Records. The band entered the Beaufort-studio again where they recorded their debut-album "Drift of Empathy" with producer Han Swagerman sr. (known for his work with The Gathering on their legendary "Always"-album). The album received good reviews worldwide but due to unexperience of both label and band they couldn't achieve the (little) breakthrough they all hoped for. The album is out of pressing for a long time but it will be re-issued with new cover-artwork and new design on Painkiller Records in October 2002, including the Lovelorn-demo and one extra track as bonus, all recordings will be digitally re-mastered.

After the split with Hammerheart Records it took some time to get things together again and to close the gap to the 2nd full-length album the band entered the Beaufort-studio once again where they recorded the "Escape" mcd, released in 1998 as an appetizer to the 2nd full-length album, on the now defunct Polar Bear Records. The response towards the mcd was excellent and although the release lacked a descent distribution-network over 3.000 copies were sold. As Polar Bear Records didn't have the financial means to support the band with a descent studio-budget the band decided to finance the 2nd album completely on their own expenses and to look out for a new deal afterwards.

Furthermore the band decided to switch studios as their sound developed into a more aggressive, more intense and more powerful direction. So they decided to record their 2nd album "Graceful... yet Forbidding" in Franky's Recording Kitchen with God Dethroned-mastermind Henri Sattler. The album was mixed by Bertus Westerhuis (a.o. God Dethroned).

The band immediately gained interest from not less than 8! record-companies and eventually the band signed a very promising deal for 2 albums with DSFA Records. Finally a bright future was waiting for the band as DSFA Records was known for the massive promotion and support of their bands. But how different things turned out eventually. DSFA Records got into serious financial problems and the album could only be released officially in the Benelux-countries. Therefore the band claimed back the legal rights of the album and started searching for new license-partners to release "Graceful... yet Forbidding" in the rest of the world as well. For Europe the band closed a license-deal with the Norwegian label EdgeRunner Records. EdgeRunner Records has in the meantime released "Graceful... yet Forbidding" in the rest of Europe with the Escape-mcd as bonus. Besides the album was licensed in several other territories on CD and tape-format. Although the band faced a lot misfortune with the troubles on DSFA Records they decided to continue and the band is back on track, stronger than ever!

Latest news is that Callenish Circle signed a worldwide recording deal for 4 albums with legendary U.S.-label Metal Blade Records. The new (3rd) album is recorded at Germany-based Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen (former guitarist of German cult-band Holy Moses). The whole cd-booklet is created by Niklas Sundin (of Dark Tranquillity fame) and the album is mastered in the famous Wisseloord Studios in Holland. The release is scheduled for the 11th of February 2002 and after that Callenish Circle will do several weekend-tours to promote the album in the Benelux. In April/May 2002 the band is already confirmed for a 4-week European tour together with Swedish labelmates Vomitory and Amon Amarth. Expect the ultimate Thrash Attack!!!

Patrick Savelkoul on behalf of Callenish Circle, November 2001.