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Blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess
And this February darkness has me hating everyone
And I know I need your comfort, but this drama makes me sick
And the longer I lay here I know it's harder to get up
without you

Lose another day here
Lose another year here
I'm with you

Find me something out there that's making sense
And it's just another trend carefully hidden in your dress
And the cycles neverending and the fashions overdone
And the further that I run away, the further I'll come back
to shelter...


You are the fire on my apartment's floor
Sixteen stories, I'd rather burn than fall
It isn't fate that took us all by storm
It's just the turn of a card


You are the fire on my apartment's floor
Sixteen stories, I'd rather burn than fall
It isn't fate that took us all by storm,
It's just the turn of a card

Goodbye, old friend
Goodbye, goodnight
I'll move on
You'll call it fate, I'll call it karma
We had our time, it was fun
while it lasted

I'll look back with honor
and no regrets
I won't be mad, won't feel bad
These memories will never leave me
Don't be sad
cause life goes on, life goes on
It's getting too late
Tomorrow is here

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goodbye old friend | Reviewer: LunaDazy | 10/26/12

i really like listenin to Silverstein their songs have soo much more better and have more emotion than modern songs you hear on the radio, and i dont care if this song is 'old' its really good. When i listen to this song and it reminds me of my old best friend who sadly moved away in 3 years ago. we never said goodbye to each other that day we just acted that we'll see each other after winter break. When i sing this song i sing it with all my heart and think of him. 'Goodbye,old friend, Goodbye,goodnight'.

maaaaaan. | Reviewer: not me. | 6/14/11

I fell in love with my best friend and we went back and forth for months and months. Even though he got with somebody else we kissed while he was still in another relatioship. Him & his gf broke up after she found out but me & him kind of still had a thing. It took me 2 months to finally realize he was just not good for me. I'm finally done with him & it feels good to free yourself from something so unhealthy.

Uh oh? Or no? | Reviewer: CaitlinLostLove | 3/24/11

Okay so i really love these passionate words. But it was on my boyfriends facebook page..? Along with another more like hate songs. Theyre not directed to me right..? Dunno. Good song. Awesome band. Just hope its not how he feels!
3.4.10 & 3.4.11

Perfection... :D | Reviewer: xChrona | 12/29/10

This song reminds me of when I lost all three of my closest friend's... It's an amazing song, and it especially fits with my best guy friend, we were so close it was ridiculous, but now when I think back I remember him and I just don't feel like I wanted to before <3

i mean.. i guess. | Reviewer: lookslikerain | 12/2/10

most of you guys are saying that this song is for a relationship. and i guess it can be interpreted like that. but i really think like this is more appropriate for the lost of a good frienship. like a best friend. and then the song discovering the waterfront is more relevant to a romantic relationship. if you listen to it, the emotions of love are more obvious that this which can be interpreted as both. chyeah. kpce.

we had our time, it was fun while it lasted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

haha my gf chose to be with her recent ex and rather than me a couple of weeks ago.. yeah i admit it was painful because we were in a "relationship" at the time but for my own sake....i need to be the one to walk away since she already chose the other guy. and look at her now doing as much as she can to get my attention.. haha too bad I already threw every sweet little debris of love I used to feel for her.. and it cracks me up when she tries real hard to seduce me again.. hehe.. man college really is exciting..!xD

Karma | Reviewer: JW | 4/22/10

This song holds so many truths in every word. I really like this song because it captures the feeling of losing the one you love. I lost my love a while ago and I dont think she cares and this song captures all the feelings and thoughts that go through your head after youve lost them. You blame everyone else untill you realize that one of you messed up and in my case It was me.

mixed.... | Reviewer: /: | 1/7/10

i love this song but i hate it so much at the same time. it makes me ache so badly. less than a month ago, the boy i was in love with was killed... i'd been infatuated with him the entire year i'd known him but he was with someone else and i had to just pretend i didn't care. but he told me one night that he loved me and i swear i could have died happy.
i never got to tell him i loved him, just how much i thought about him, how much i worried. and i hate how this song reminds me of the times we'd sing it together in his car, but at the same time, i hear his voice when i listen to this. it reminds me of him so much...

call it karma | Reviewer: mhylee | 12/21/09

this song makes me feel that there is a hope in every misfortune that comes to our life... Loving someone does not hurt if its not real... and this song makes me feel how much i really love him... how much I really really love him even if I have to let him go.. and give up.... i have to because its the right thing to do and that he wanted mo to do...

its my fate and its his karma | Reviewer: sHin-09 | 11/1/09

this song hit the real weak point of my heart. my past relation seems very bad. i hate looking back because it really hurts a lot. i loved him more than anyone else but i just accepted the fact that we're really not meant for each other. he's the one who let me felt the real pain on a relationship.. i cried days and nights.. damn it.! wen he broke me up it was really a mess.. now he's courting someone and it hurts to know that i still love him and hoping that he'll come back to me.. the last part of this song says that i must move on.. i loose days wen i'm w/ him but yet it was wonderful.. having that kind of relationship in my high school life maybe the worst thing i'm looking back at sometimes..
"i love u so much that i have to let you go now...-27-....

it made me see whos behind me | Reviewer: .lhadiechinie.-o9.//'9ma. | 11/1/09

i love this song.. he's like a brother to me. since we start texting each other something unusual feeling has terrified me but i just don't mind it..
one saturday night, his band sung this in a inspirational jam.. that's the start of a fantasy that surely will not happen.. for 3 consecutive nights that we're texting each other i feel more com4tabe w him.. he gave me more confidence and inspiration evrytym.. i like hi.. he's my crush.. but since the, he's like my brother.. un lng.

ahmazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

i love this song & yet i hate it so much. its the first song ive listened to in days. all because i fell in love with my best friend(im not gonna tell him i did), he told me to promise him that i would stop cutting. i promised him i would & then i broke that promise & i did some stupid stuff(like go out with one of my friends), he got jealous & now he hates me. i dont know wat im gonna do without him. hes my everything. i dont really know the meaning of this song, but some how i just can relate to it so much.

I call it karma! (my life has changed) | Reviewer: | 9/5/09

This song does relate to a past relationship, but it relates more to my life and what I have been through the past year. I was expelled from my school a few years ago, after that my life went down hill. I got very aggressive and into a lot of drugs and alcohol. I ended up getting arrested and going to a lockup facility and then going to a residential home because my guardians didn't want me home, now you have to realize that i was only 14 at the time. Now I have a motive in life. Last year, through my school, my guidance counselor showed me this cosmetology program that is run through a local youth program and a local salon/day spa. Now I must tell you that i have ALWAYS been into hair and makeup, I even cut my Barbie's hair when i was little. And I loved the class. Now I'm looking around for colleges and I'm taking cosmetology/fashion schools into consideration.

this song made me stronger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

This song has helped alot for me bc i was with my gf for 5 years and after that she started changing and then ended up cheating on me and left me for someone else but she kept calling me and trying to hang even tho she was still with him we been through so much and shes like a good friend but theres a time like it says in the song that i have to say goodbye and to move on bc its the only way i still love her i wont lie but it wont work bc she doesnt feel the same way 5 years is alot and shes still my friend but i feel it eats me up inside just hanging out with her knowing she with someone else so yeah i just told her i need to move on with my life and she cried but i had to be strong and just walk away.. so yeah sad...

sigh.. | Reviewer: HALFjodii | 6/25/09

its an awesome song, and it helped me see a little of the brighter side of break up.
My boyfriend broke up with me after 4 months and 28 days. 3 days before it would have been 5 months. Its Been a couple of weeks now but he's still all i can think about and im still hanging on to the last strand of hope that there might still be a spark. i know theres no spark left. I still love him, but he doesnt feel the same.
The Lasr 2 verses are how i feel. i look back on our relationship with no regrets and it was fun while it lasted, i just wish that it was still lasting. But life goes on, its getting too late and tomorow is here.
Silverstein are an inspiration <3

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