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Hawk Nelson California Lyrics

Last updated: 11/29/2009 10:00:00 AM

I'm not falling for anymore of these tricks,
I'm so tired of everything here,
The sun is calling me to the west,
Everyone's having fun out there,
My bags are packed as I'm looking out the window,
Everything is so outdated here,
I wanna move west where the sun is shining,
I want my friends to all be there,

Let's pack up and move to California,
She's got lots of friends out there,
We'll never get bored cause we can go boardin',
Let's let the sunshine take us there,

I'm tired of taking it slow,
So tired but I'm not sleeping,
I'm wired about to pick up my board,
Cause we're all headed out for the weekend,

Let's pack up and move to California,
Hop on board before we get older,
Raise your hand and shout for California

Come on,
Come on,
Come on,


Come on,
Come on,
Come on,

[Chorus x2]

Let's pack up and move to California,
Hop on board before we get older,
Raise your hands we're headed for the border,

Come on,
Come on,
Come on

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Hawk Nelson<3... | Reviewer: marilyisadinosaur | 11/29/09

People and their crap, man. Yeah I kinda agree, Hawk Nelson is alot like Blink 182, but these guys are really good. Maybe even better than Blink 182. I love California! I live here, but Hawk Nelson is making California seem like there's a beach across the stre
et and this place is full of caucasians. I love Hawk Nelson by the way, they're my favorite band so far, I would really like to meet them.

Cali | Reviewer: Jessica | 11/28/07

California is my fave song by HN. I even have a HN tshirt that says it. Did anyone see them at Revolve?

Are they "older" yet??! | Reviewer: Jaclyn | 11/10/07

all of their songs talk aobut when they are older or before they are older...daggum!! we get it! you want to be older!!
I LOVE hawk Nelson. Hello is my favorite [I love the kazoo solo...haha] this is a pretty good song.

i love this song | Reviewer: Callie | 10/21/07

this song is awesome i first saw the music video on gossple music channel which by the way is an awesome channel if you like gossple music that is anyway i love Hawk Nelson they are my favorite band i love them

THE BEST! | Reviewer: cali luver | 10/8/07

my friend and i discovered this song one day and its now "our song". we listened to it about a million times on our road trip. I REALLY WANT TO PACK UP AND MOVE TO CALI! we love it...

sucks | Reviewer: john l | 8/6/07

the actual tune isnt too terrible, the intro is reminiscent of blink 182. but the lyrics are absolutely horrible and quite cheesy.

im the best | Reviewer: eiluj | 7/11/07

well i thought this song was ok not the best. i personally think letters to the president and long and lonely road are much better!!! hawk nelson is very good and from all of the songs i've heard..... there awesome!!

Hmmm... | Reviewer: Tesla | 4/11/07

Well ok i love this song but one question...why hasnt Hawk Nelson gone to CA for good??? Lol i stilll love them...