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Calibretto 13 Biography

Last updated: 10/21/2013 07:53:37 AM

Just glancing at the title of the EP Dead by Dawn will tell you a lot about the record and the band. First off, the dark tone of the title warns you in advance that this time around you won’t be hearing odes to happiness. This EP is a dark look at death and life, society, and even love.

Armed with all the ambition and talent that three boys from Kokomo, Indiana, could muster, Calibretto headed into the studio with engineer/producer/friend Jon Hook to record what would become their best work to date. Free from any restrictions and finally allowed to do things as they saw fit, the band co-produced Dead by Dawn with Hook, letting their creativity guide them without a second thought about what any "higher-ups" might think. Drawing from their acoustic beginnings while maintaining the clean, no-distortion electric guitar that has become their patented sound, the band created a dark, eerie record fleshed out with organs, orchestra chimes, bells, and anything else that would fit. The drums are frantic, the bass lines are intricate, and the vocals are biting: all the things for which Calibretto is known, yet so much more heartfelt.

"The organ is something we’ve been talking about for a while," says Christopher, "it’s just a natural complement to our sound." True, the EP is covered with thick organ sounds, but it fits perfectly. As for the other instruments that you’ll find in the mix, they add layers and textures to the songs that have been missing on previous releases and give Dead by Dawn a decidedly orchestra-like feel.

Lyrically, this release is a far cry from previous efforts, demonstrating an obvious maturity while maintaining some of the style that fans have come to know and love. With songs like "Bleeding on the Floor," "Don’t Go In the Woods," and "American Psycho" - a song based on the movie of the same name - the band has moved away from the happy anthems of their past and drawn from darker influences.

But the band isn’t all death and darkness by a long shot. You might notice that the title Dead by Dawn is borrowed from the second installment of the Evil Dead movies, a movie that - like Calibretto - knows how to insert humor into even the darkest settings. The band’s live show will testify to the fact that they have definitely not lost their sense of humor. From beginning to end, a Calibretto show is pure fun, complete with audience participation and plenty of self-deprecating jokes.

So, what’s next for Calibretto? Tours. Lots and lots of tours. The band will be on the road supporting Dead by Dawn throughout 2003, bringing their weird mix of punk rock, folk music, darkness, and humor to all the kids who are ready to hear something different.