Caliban Albums

  • The Awakening Album (1/13/2008)
    I Will Never Let You Down
    Let Go
    Another Cold Day
    My Time Has Come
    Life Is Too Short
    Give Me A Reason
    Stop Running
    The Awakening
    I Believe...
    Rise And Fight
    Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide
    I'll Show No Fear
    I See The Falling Sky

  • The Undying Darkness Album (4/4/2006)
    I Rape Myself
    Song About Killing
    It┬┤s Our Burden To Bleed
    Nothing Is Forever
    Together Alone
    My Fiction Beauty
    No More 2nd Chances
    I Refuse To Keep On Living
    Sick Of Running Away
    Moment Of Clarity
    Army Of Me
    Room Of Nowhere

  • Split Program II Album (7/26/2005)
    Unleash Enlightenment
    No One Will Ever Shed A Tear
    Nyfadd Von
    If This A Man
    Downfall Of Christ
    Destroy Fascism
    The Revenge
    Arena Of Concealment
    One Day
    One More Lie

  • The Opposite From Within Album (10/5/2004)
    The Beloved And The Hatred
    I've Sold Myself
    Stand Up
    Senseless Fight
    Certainty, Corpses Bleed Cold
    My Little Secret
    One Of These Days
    Diary Of An Addict
    One Hundred Suns

  • The Split Program (Split with Heaven Shall Burn) Album (1/27/2003)
  • Shadow Hearts Album (1/28/2002)
  • Vent Album (7/1/2001)
  • A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven Album (7/1/1999)
  • Caliban Album (4/29/1998)

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