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Caliban Biography

Last updated: 09/22/2010 12:00:00 PM

This biography was written by Arne Kupetz (music scan, thanks for that!!):

Within only a few years Caliban climbed their way up through the European metal-core scene to become one of the most important and influential bands within the scene. "Shadow Hearts" is the third full length by this German five-pack.

Formed in 1997 (under the name Never Again) Caliban signed to Lifeforce Records right after recording a two-song promo tape. Shortly thereafter the band released a self-titled EP in the summer of 1998. Things started to get hard and heavy soon. In support of their first effort Caliban played many shows all over Europe and a few support gigs for bands like Morning Again, Earth Crisis and Cro-Mags. Having played their first European Tour in 1999 Caliban recorded their debut-full-length "A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven" which should become a classic within European metal-core.

Offering fast, in tense and energy-bursting metal-core with an emotional element; Caliban are going from their trademark devastating mush parts to the fast adrenaline fuelled Slayer parts that dominate their records while at the same time keeping an emotional edge. Caliban mostly got described as a mixture of Slayer, Poison the Well and Hatebreed, what comes close to what Caliban is playing.

2000 saw the release of a Caliban split EP with their friends from Heaven Shall Burn, a now classic release. Things got bigger and bigger and when band's second long player "Vent" came out in April 2001 the record was also released on Imperium/Howling-Bull Records in Japan, followed by an appearance at famous Beast-Feast 2001 in Yokohama together with Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head, Biohazard and mighty Morbid Angel.

Being back from Japan Caliban went on their first US Tour with Bloodjinn. The summer of 2002 saw Caliban touring the states a second tim e with A Life Once Lost, Dead To Fall and The Red Chord; including famous Hellfest in New York.

In August of 2002 Caliban entered the Woodhouse studio in Germany to record their third record to be called "Shadow Hearts". It's been a long two years since the release of "Vent" in 2001 and much has happened in the meantime. Expectations for this third record had been very high but the band managed to transform pressure into a new milestone in metal-core. Caliban has introduced a new style of post-modern, destructive metal-core with an unparalleled sense of heaviness and musicianship. Having found a unique way in playing hard music with an ability to carry away (new) metal- fans as well Caliban have an intentional drive to make the songs as varied musically as possible.

Just listen to the new songs "Shadow Hearts" is offering. The songs are incredible interesting and complicated but rarely ever stay in one place for too long. C onstant change and progression have always been something Caliban stands for. Having added more vocal-clean-parts to the record some of the songs seem to be comparable to acts like Killswitch Engage or Aftershock. Besides this there's everything to it HC-Kids want to hear and Caliban is famous for: killer mosh parts pared with speedy metal guitars and great vocals. The struggle continues...