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Fans of Calexico have already come to expect the unexpected
from Tucson, Arizona residents Joey Burns and John
Convertino. Each of their albums, from their dusty, lo-fi
debut Spoke (1996) to the noir-infused dramatic power of
The Black Light (1998), the breakthrough, mariachi madness
of Hot Rail (2000), to their hugely successful most recent
album, Feast of Wire (2003), which flirted with ambient
electronica and Gil Evans infused jazz, charting in 14
European countries.

In 2006 comes Garden Ruin, officially the band's fifth
album, More...

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Last line missing | Reviewer: Harry Pand
    ------ About the song Sunken Waltz performed by Calexico

Washed my face in the rivers of empire
Made my bed from a cardboard crate
Down in the city of quartz
No news, no new regrets
Tossed a susan b. over my shoulder
And prayed it would rain and rain
Submerge the whole western states
Call it a last fair deal
With an american seal
And corporate hand shake
Take the story of carpenter mike
Dropped his tools and his keys and left
And headed out as far as he could
Past the cities and gated neighborhoods
He slept 'neath the stars
Wrote down what he dreamt
And he built a machine
For no one to see
Then took flight, first light in the morning

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