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Cales Biography

Last updated: 04/17/2004 09:39:47 PM

1983 - 86: The beggining of Blackie´s playing on Guitar with bands Arkana, Vega etc.
1987 - 88: 4 demos of ROOT (2003 on double CD - Lava productions)
1989: Was released song of ROOT - hřbitov (semetery) -
Death Metal Session Compilation. Direct records. LP+CD.
1990: Debut Album of ROOT - Zjevení (The Revelation)
LP+MCD and promo SP - Zeras records.
Reedition - Redblack Productions 1998.
English version of this album was released 1999 by labels Sheer records with Last Episode - Germany.
1991: ROOT - Hell Symphony LP+MCD - Zeras records
Licenced by english label Cacophonous records 1996.
Reedition - Redblack 1998.
At this year was recorded first demo of Blackie´s project CRUX - Scream of Death
(released by Leviathan records 2000)
1992: ROOT - The Temple of the Underworld LP+MCD - Monitor records.
Reedition - Redblack productions 1998.
At this year Blackie recorded with band Výlet (Trip)album: Tančím tak rychle jak se mi chce - Reflex records.
1993: Was released the first song of CALES - first key on Compilation Necrometal - Jupiter records
1994: Blackie was quest musician on BigBoss album Q7
1995: ROOT - Kargeras - Black Hole records.
Reedition - Redblack productions 1998.
At this year was recorded debut album of Blackie´s project CALES - Bonds of Togetherness - Tentamen records 1997.
1997: At this year Blackie was producer and quest musician of project G.O.D. BATTERIES on album There´s coming the time of lunatics.
1998: Was recorded album Serpent Seed of Blackie´s project ENTRAILS
(Leviathan records)
+ Promo of Cales - Mystery of lost Equilibrium.
Blackie was producer and quest musician of band Silent Stream of Godless Elegy on album Behind the Shadows.
1999: ROOT - The Book - Redblack productions (2000 licenced by Irond productions)
At this year was released LP of Entrails - Black vein by Iron Tyrant productions - Italy
Blackie was producer and quest musician of Big Boss album - Belial´s wind
2001: CALES - The Pass in Time - Redblack productions(2002 licenced by Irond)
ROOT - Black seal - Redblack productions (2002 licenced by Irond)
2003: CALES - Uncommon Excursion - Redblack productions
... and his more questing on demos and albums of UG Band´s

Masters of Czech Metal: Root - Aposiopesis (1993 Monitor records)
Creations from a Morbid Society: Root - Dogra´s Empire, Messengers from Darkness (1995 Taga records)
Attack of Fire Festival: Root - Trygan Sexton (1996 Taga records)
A Tribute to Cliff Burton: Root - Fade to Black and Cales - For whom the bells toll (1996 Taga records)
Inferno vol. 1 : Entrails - Spiritual Weapon (1998 VJM records)
A Tribute to Master´s Hammer: Entrails - Jáma Pekel (1999 Redblack productions)
Rock Extremum magazine: Entrails - Spiritual Weapon 1999
Whiplash magazine: Entrails - Sacrificial Circle 1999
Deathophobia: Entrails - Beneath his wings (1999 Earth AD records. Germany)
Whiplash magazine: Root - The Mystical wors of Wise 1999
Slavonic Art magazine: Entrails - Serpent Seed (2001 Slovakia)
Spark magazine (rocková nálož): Root - Festival of Destruction 2002
Brutal Assault Festival: Root - My name is Death - new version (2002 Shindy productions)
... and more

Root Live from Death Metal session 2. (with Torr, Debustrol, Kryptor etc.) Prague 1989
TV studio clip of Root to song Upálení (The Burning) 1989
Profesional Video Clip of Root to song Hřbitov. 1990
Live video clips of Root (with Master´s Hammer, Debustrol etc.) Prague 1991.
Video clip of Root to song Aposiopesis. 1992
Video clip of Výlet to song Hey Donny. 1993.
Dewil´s Diary video to 15 year´s of Root legend. 1990 - 2003