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Stridently from California's fertile Central Valley, this
Sacramento band has attracted the kind of ecstatic response
most newcomers only dream of and seasoned veterans
justifiably envy. Based almost entirely on the strength of
their live performances and on word of mouth, CAKE has
built up a sizable following that is fast billowing out of
the northern California region in a sort of reckless
eastward expansion.

With the release of their new CD, MOTORCADE OF GENEROSITY,
there is emerging a sound of non-negotiable high quality
(not More...

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Review about Cake songs
Over | Reviewer: Lanonymous
    ------ About the song Friend is a Four Letter Word performed by Cake

"End is the only part of the word (friend) that I heard"
It means the reason they decided to be "friend" is only ending their love. They're friend --> It's OVER (excuse me I'm french)

High tide | Reviewer: Ashque
    ------ About the song The Distance performed by Cake

Think it as u r the one striving for smthng in ur life and blv me u'll attach urself to it so magically.
I thing the lyricist of this didnt knw what masterpiece he is initiating.
So intense yet so sober.

Silly | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sheep Go To Heaven performed by Cake

It's truly amazing how many different opinions about the subject of a song can come about. That is the point of the song. What corrupts art is when people think that they are right about it. The only people who really know are those that wrote the song. Keep analyzing, really, but don't get a big head about your interpretation. Please.

This song... | Reviewer: Hipster Hairnet
    ------ About the song Ruby Sees All performed by Cake

This song is absolutely phenomenal. It's unbelievable, just the sheer greatness. I love CAKE. c:

fuck - love | Reviewer: DDT
    ------ About the song Friend is a Four Letter Word performed by Cake

The only two possibile meanings are:

-the four letter word is fuck (disappointment by a bad friend, the end of a friendship)
-the four letter word is love (a relationship turned for one of the two in love)

Anyway, both the meanings are sad. Obvious! Sorry.

An Inspiration | Reviewer: Lil Rascal
    ------ About the song The Distance performed by Cake

Always, ALWAYS loved this song. Then, just read about a girl that graduated from Harvard (and is now giving back to the community) after being homeless as a teen. Her mom died as drug addict, her dad was in a homeless shelter. She mentioned that this song gave her inspiration during the time that she was out on the street trying to figure out how to get an education. Gives it a whole new meaning and makes it even more awesome!

SO AwEsOmE!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Distance performed by Cake

this song is the awesomest.see it's so good i have to make up word to describe this...this..master piece. the guys just saying the lyrics all normal like yet every word seems to SCREAM out AWESOMENESS. this song is like totally old but the classics are always the more intense songs out there. AHHHHHH the song just says so much but i'm still having trouble finding out what it means...for me.(my own definition) =9

Ryan said it best! | Reviewer: Nick
    ------ About the song Nugget performed by Cake

Nugget is clearly a cake classic for all the reasons Ryan listed, and more which are too awesome for me to even comprehend, let alone try to explain to you. Nonetheless, Cake keeps on proving why everyone loves Cake.

world greatest band does worlds greatest song | Reviewer: debbie
    ------ About the song Comfort Eagle performed by Cake

all cake music is the happiest music in the world, what would the world be without cake? not sure, but it wouldn't sound as good. this is one of my favorites. just bought b-sides, listen to thrills, and be amazed by john mccrae. long live cake. hope you guys are having fun on tour. thanks for years of greatest music out there.

No need to go lookin too far ^^ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Friend is a Four Letter Word performed by Cake

"A four letter word" is a "poetical" way to say "an insult".

So basically John McCrea is saying that in that particular person's mouth, the word "friend" sounds like/has become an insult.

Hope I made that clear for everybody :-)
For the rest of the song, interprete it as you wish =)

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