Cage Albums

  • Darker Than Black Album (4/18/2003)
    Darker Than Black (Intro)
    Kill The Devil
    Blood Of The Innocent
    Eyes Of Obsidian
    Philadelphia Experiment
    March Of The Cage
    White Magic
    Door To The Unknown
    Secretc Of Fatima
    Wings Of Destruction
    Forces Of Freedom

  • Astrology Album (9/19/2000)
    Final Solution
    Psychotically Deranged
    The Edge
    Root Of All Evil
    The Trigger Effect
    Souls And Flesh
    Fountain Of Youth
    Broken Dreams
    Victim Of Society
    The Astrologicon

  • Unveiled Album (9/19/1999)
    Shoot To Kill
    Modern Darkness
    I Live
    Buried In The Box
    Devil Inside
    Dancing Around The Fire
    Release Me
    The Iron Priest
    Emergency Broadcast System
    Sudden Death
    Asta La Vista

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    Reviews about Cage albums

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR! | Reviewer: bao_tap_VIetnam
        ------ About the album Darker Than Black performed by Cage

    Founded in San Diego, California, at the beginning of the 90‚s when two different covers bands broke up, Cage is still little known to the metal crowd in generalÝ that‚s about to change !!! Their excellent new album is bout to reveal them to the entire planet. !!!

    Already in 1999, they were receiving the „pure millennium metal album‰ comment by the metal press with the release of „Unveiled‰, their first album. With the release of Darker Than Black, their 3rd effort, Cage are about to explode. This album is a real GEM !!! Some REAL METALÝ something kinda rare these days. First time you listen to it, you‚re thrown on your back Ý once you get back on your feet, you realize all the quality and the strength of this HUGE album.

    It all starts with a narrative part that immediately propels the listener in the thick of things. You then feel something you cannot really describe, a sort of musical orgasm that takes total control of your whole body. The sound is aggressive and clear, guitars are in perfect harmony and the „double bass drum‰ operates on you from the get go Ý

    I absolutely have to mention Sean Peck‚s vocal performance, he‚s sooooo powerful and sings with his heart and his soul. White Magic and Secrets of Fatima show the full extent of his versatility. He even manages to bring us through his dark and mean „Death‰ vocals with such ease it almost goes unnoticed and gels with the final result.

    The album is available in a special package with a cool hologram. The cover really represents what the band is all about : a beast ready to terrorize !! Ain‚t it good to know it is still possible to offer PURE METAL magic in 2003 !!! Among my 2003 top 5 for sureÝ

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