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Cadaveria Biography

Last updated: 09/28/2007 12:00:00 PM

CADAVERIA was born in April 2001 when Cadaveria and Flegias, leaving Opera IX, decided to discharge their metal instincts in a new musical project.

Frank Booth and Killer Bob immediately joined the club, respectively as guitarist and bassist, while Baron Harkonnen was recruited in a second time, to engrave the sound with his keyboards.

After some weeks spent in the rehearsal room to strengthen the feeling among the members, the group started working on the compositions. Some months later the band entered Italian Capt. Woofer Studios to record the debut full-length. Recordings were completed in December.

In January 2002 CADAVERIA joined SCARLET, that will release the album in March. Its title is The Shadows’ Madame.

In March 2002 The Shadows' Madame album is out and the band is planning live dates.