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Dierks Bentley Cab of My Truck Lyrics

Last updated: 09/01/2005 12:00:00 PM

Cracked windshield, that I super-glued
Crumpled-up cans and a beat up bag of Red Man chew
Fix-a-flat, Johnny Cash box set
Half a dozen parking tickets that I ain't paid yet
Sitten on that cloth bench seat
I got my shotgun girl ridin' next to me

Four wheel turnin', two hearts burnin
We go runnin' wild
Gonna make a million memories
For every hundred thousand miles
Learnin everything I'll ever need
To know about life and love
In the cab of my truck

Slidin' rear back window
So it's an easy reach to where my cooler keeps em iced down cold
Roll of duck tape, W D 40
Ain't nothin' too loose or locked too tight for a man like me
Yeah, I might take it slow, 30 through town
But on a back dirt road
Girl, I put the hammer down


Down by the river, two bodies in the glow of the radio dial
Gonna make a million memories for every hundred thousand miles
I'm learnin everything I'll ever need to know about life and love
In the cab of my truck
In the cab of my truck

Man I can't find anything in this truck
Oh, what's this? a little white tank top
Get out of my way Cadilac, big white's comin through
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